What does Soham mean for Hindus

soham - thoughts about the divine

We must finally stop not accepting things as they are. We have to master the tasks that life sets us, because they help us to learn about ourselves and the world. And our world is loud, dirty, full of cars, houses, too little green, too much stress, hectic rush - Sharon and David write in “Yoga of Liberation-The Practical Book of Jivamukti Yoga” (p.32) about it, “that worldly to divine elevation ”is always given to them, no matter where, how and what they live. They refer to the Upanishads (philosophical writings of Hinduism)which, among other things, teach equanimity in all life situations and circumstances. This approach is also for me the kind of “divinity” that I recognize and want to cultivate in my life. If you stop to reject the environment in which you live and the circumstances of your daily life and to understand it as the reason and cause for your own dissatisfaction and suffering, you can live more liberated.

सोऽहम् so’ham, "he is me"

- Unity of the individual self and the absolute = God!?

See the divine in everything, everyone, yourself (soham), is certainly a life's work and perhaps the greatest challenge of all, but I dare to assert myself, also the most exciting and fulfilling.But what is “the divine”?If you understand that you cannot change people, but you can change your attitude, that changes everything. The divine spark is always and in everything and everyone - you just have to practice and train yourself to be able to see and recognize it. What is it that makes it so difficult for us, prevents us from doing it? The belief that there is this “something” in each of us gives every human contact a new dimension; To face others in a really non-judgmental way, more openly, and with a loving attitude. People and their actions and statements are often determined by their external circumstances and completely identified / infected by them - but we get into yoga, which is nothing other than the state of unity, we can meet each other lovingly and experience true being one.