Companies can and should have values

Corporate philosophyDevelop and implement mission statement

A long-term implementation strategy is required for a mission statement to have a lasting effect. The concentration on a few focal points makes implementation easier. Managers play a special role in the implementation process. That is why they need support from upper management. If you let your executives down, you risk their resignation.

Management development measures are helpful. Managers recognize their attitudes and can work on their behavior and skills. Another element is feedback to managers based on a competence profile. The competence profile compares the formulated principles and requirements with the observable behavior.

Values ​​and principles can be integrated into instruments such as incentive systems, target agreements and selection processes. In this way, behavior that corresponds to the desired culture can be rewarded and deviant behavior can be sanctioned.

A mission statement causes damage if employees and customers cannot identify the mission statement with the company. Their expectations will be disappointed and their frustration can be expressed in cynicism towards the mission statement. Employees are also disappointed if an existing model is showing its age and has not been adapted to developments. The mission statement is then no longer in line with the company and the business strategy and employees consider it superfluous.