Will I ever love again

Can you ever fall in love again after a great love?

Felicitas, you are 25 years old or young ... Believe me, you can't imagine it today, but at some point someone will stand in front of you again and you think wow :-))

So to answer the question: a very clear YES!

Just experienced it myself. I broke up in mid-July after being cheated on for at least 2 months. I was deeply desperate, I just couldn't imagine it without him, I only got through this time with the help of my two best friends, with one of whom I was able to live for almost 3 months. I had prepared myself to be alone for a long time now. My ex was really great love for me, everything just went right. Even after 5 years I hadn't found any quirks that bothered me. With him I could and really wanted to grow old, have children ... And yet it shouldn't be like that, for whatever reason.

I wasn't looking for something new, as I said, thought I'll be alone for now. And I think that's exactly where the secret lies! It always catches you when you don't expect it, it was like that with me! Or are they often people you may have known for a long time, but with whom you never thought about it, that's how it is with me now :-) I can say that I've been fine since then, even if that's why I love my ex and ours Of course don't forget years! You will always think of it. I never would have expected it to go so quickly. But I'm happy at the moment, no one can say where it's going. Life is always surprising.

So keep your head up! Just let yourself be surprised and until then try to make the best of it, to do a lot of good for YOU and also to enjoy the time alone.

09.11.2012 13:33 • #15