What are the benefits of home fragrance

Make room fragrances yourself: natural, inexpensive, individual

We show how you can make a wonderful room fragrance yourself with little effort. Whether diffuser, room spray or scented candle - making a room fragrance yourself is not as difficult as you might think. Making the room fragrance yourself has many advantages. It's not only fun and inexpensive. When making your own room fragrance, you know all the ingredients and can have a clear conscience. Because you bring fresh and pleasant scents into your home, without any chemicals. In addition, you can let your imagination run wild and create exactly the room fragrance you would like to smell yourself in the atmosphere at home. Natural and individual - these are the most beautiful do-it-yourself room fragrances!

Individual and 100% natural - that is why it is worth making the room fragrance yourself

A great room fragrance creates a relaxed atmosphere at home. A sensual, spicy scented candle creates a cozy atmosphere in winter and creates a cozy atmosphere. A refreshing room spray with eucalyptus and mint has a stimulating effect and increases concentration. With such an invigorating room spray that you can do yourself, you create a concentrated and productive atmosphere to work with with just a few sprays. In the evening, a room scent with lavender, which you have made yourself, helps you relax and switch off. Thanks to the home-made room fragrance, it also works better with restful sleep.

Make room fragrances yourself - natural air fresheners

Sure, even the most beautiful room fragrance doesn't help against stale air. Regular ventilation is not a substitute for home-made room fragrances. Regular ventilation is best, even when it is freezing outside. Open the windows wide for 5 to 10 minutes and ensure an exchange of air - in winter, of course, turn off the heating. The air in the room is fresh again. There is also no need for stink from trash cans, laundry baskets and the like. Regular emptying prevents unpleasant odors. Even sofa cushions and textiles have their pleasant, neutral smell again after hanging out in the fresh air.

Neutralize stubborn odors with natural room fragrances

The stubborn smell of cigarettes or the smell of an onion can also be neutralized with natural home remedies. For example a bowl with vinegar water or some coffee powder. Once set up in the room, they also absorb these stubborn smells and thus naturally ensure that the air is cleared. You can also put the peel of a freshly peeled orange on the heater in autumn and winter to create a natural room fragrance yourself. The wonderful orange aroma is distributed in the room by the rising warm air of the heating. If you like it spicy, you can add a few cloves to the orange peel. The aromatic-spicy scent creates a contemplative atmosphere - and that for almost free. Because this room fragrance is completely natural and you can do it yourself.

Make room fragrances yourself - refreshing notes create a relaxed atmosphere

If you want to make yourself a room fragrance in the form of an air freshener, you only need an empty glass, e.g. B. an old jam jar. The clean and dry glass is now half filled with baking powder or baking soda to make a room fragrance yourself. Now you can add dried flowers or herbs, depending on your fragrance preferences. A classic: dried lavender flowers. But also tulip leaves, geraniums and violets give off great floral aromas. Spices such as cloves or cinnamon sticks and herbs such as thyme, mint, rosemary or sage can also mix in the homemade air freshener. Finally, the fragrance glass is closed again with an air-permeable cloth or a self-perforated lid. The scents of the flowers, herbs and spices are absorbed by the baking soda and exuded with a gentle intensity. If the delicate fragrance subsides, you only have to shake the glass with the homemade room fragrance well once and it continues to smell. It's that easy to make a refreshing room fragrance yourself.

Make diffusers yourself

You can also easily make a room fragrance diffuser yourself. All you need is a handful of ingredients:

- A decorative bottle with a volume of 200-300 ml and a tight seal

- Various essential oils

- 80 ml of alcohol (available in the pharmacy)

- 10 ml glycerine (also available cheaply in the pharmacy)

- 5 to 10 wooden sticks made of rattan

The alcohol is the solvent for the fragrance oils in the diffuser room fragrance itself. The glycerine, in turn, is a carrier that binds the essential oils even more strongly to the alcohol. At the same time, it ensures that the alcohol does not evaporate on its own. Once you have obtained these ingredients, you can start making the room fragrance yourself. You start by mixing the essential oils. Depending on the preference, season and atmosphere that is to be created with the room fragrance, different fragrances can be put together.

Make the fragrance mix for the individual room fragrance yourself

Mix about 50 drops of lavender, 30 drops of rose, and 30 drops of sage for a calming blend that helps you relax and helps you fall asleep. If you prefer to create a stimulating mixture of fragrances when making your own room fragrance, which is invigorating and promotes concentration and creativity, mix 40 drops of eucalyptus, 40 drops of mint and 40 drops of lime. The refreshing mixture creates a dynamic mood and boosts productivity.

tip: In the good online perfumery there are essential oils already as ready-made fragrance mixtures that already contain a harmonious mix of different oils that have a certain effect: refresh, invigorate, calm, harmonize, etc.

Make the diffuser yourself - mix the ingredients

Once the essential oils are mixed, the remaining liquid ingredients are mixed together. Now you can do the room fragrance yourself very quickly. The measured ingredients only have to be put into the bottle. This is then tightly closed and shaken vigorously so that all the ingredients in the DIY room fragrance mix well. Finally, the rattan or bamboo sticks are placed in the bottle. These suck up the fragrance liquid from the bottle and distribute the fragrance molecules in the room.


Make room spray yourself

You can also make a room spray yourself with these ingredients. The ingredients can be found here even faster. You only need 3 parts of distilled water, 1 part of alcohol and an essential oil (or a mixture of oils) as desired. A few drops are enough from the latter. In order to be able to make a natural room spray yourself, all these ingredients are simply mixed in a spray bottle with an atomizer. These are available in pharmacies for little money. An empty perfume or body spray bottle will do the same.

Of course, these are just a few ways you can make room fragrances yourself. Those who are particularly ambitious can also make scented candles themselves. However, that requires a little more effort and a few more raw materials. Simple room fragrances and air fresheners can, however, be made yourself in no time at all.