Says all men are trash sexists

Sexist, superficial, manipulative : With Bachelor Sebastian Preuss, RTL has bet on the wrong one

The end is perhaps the biggest farce since trash TV found its way into German affluent society. Entrusted by RTL with the task of selecting one of 22 women by awarding roses, “The Bachelor” left the last two remaining candidates simply unsuspecting and rose-free on Wednesday evening.

He decides not to choose any of them - but of course not without having become emotionally fuzzy again and making out with both of them.

The fact that Sebastian Preuss takes the small broadcast concept ad absurdum in the grand finale somehow fits this completely unsuccessful season, in which RTL let someone unreservedly who, through his statements and actions, lurched a little more into disaster from broadcast to broadcast. Started as a chastened ex-jail and celebrated kickboxing world champion, as an exposed sexist and Chauvi he walked out of the show.

Sebastian Preuss has undercut them all

Sure, this format has already produced some strange types: the checkers, the larders, the bores, the attention-grabbers. And finally a Bachelorette, which in the end only had one candidate to “choose” because many others had run away.

Sebastian Preuss, however, the tenth Bachelor, has once again undercut them all. At first he still charmed and caught all sorts of pity for his admittedly tragic family history. The only unfortunate thing was that it came out in between that he was supposed to have beaten others with a swan, among other things.

The women, whom the Bachelor only called “girls” or alternatively “ladies”, of course, knew nothing about it. But they quickly learned what was really important to him. Almost half of the women who competed could only qualify for the next round with a kiss.

And candidate Linda, who refused to do so, received the insane advice from Sebastian Preuss that she should please work on her behavior. “You're a smart girl,” said Sebastian Preuss - as if it were the most logical thing in the world for smart girls to kiss all men who ask them to.

If you don't kiss, you'll be kicked out

Although in the case of Sebastian Preuss there was no question of requests, he just didn't stop manipulating the woman. Always wanted Linda to admit her mistake. Drilled several times to see what her problem was now. Even the viewer could get queasy in the face of such penetrance. RTL, however, had nothing better to do than taunt Linda by repeating and repeating a sentence from her.

Linda still didn't want to kiss, which promptly led to the Bachelor throwing her out early. That was, well, pretty wise of her, she was spared a lot. Or Leah. In front of the camera, Sebastian Preuss reported that he thought her silicone breasts were okay, but didn't like the sprayed-on lips. Too "tinkered" was his judgment. That he still literally hung with his lips on her supposedly tinkered lips - a gift.

The comments in the social networks are just a proof of how much strength and effort it took to follow the crude discarding declarations of the bachelor's degree, and somehow one wondered all the time whether and how RTL had come up with this supposed magnificent specimen as a hero. It got particularly bad when there were only three candidates left.

The woman who was his most beautiful date of all time, but was completely boring? Keep going. The woman who is very easy-going, in whom he has identified many fundamental differences? Keep going. The woman with whom he had many deep conversations and whose good values ​​he repeatedly referred to? Flies out!

That left Diana (the "loose") and Wiloeta (the "boring"). Now Wioleta was quickly sorted out because she couldn't express her feelings in front of the camera. And Diana? It just doesn't always eat the way the Bachelor imagines it. Even the bachelor's mother, who was flown in to the final filming location in Mexico for the coronation, thought this was a “stupid argument”. She now spoke to her son in conscience: You couldn't bake your dream woman, after all, he was by no means perfect. This is exactly what everyone probably saw - all but Sebastian Preuss.

The last two women will therefore be very happy when they see now - after broadcasting the format recorded some time ago - how their once adored really behaved towards their fellow sufferers.

You can count yourself lucky that he ultimately didn't choose any of them - and continues to look for the perfect-looking, non-smoking, nutrition-conscious woman with important values. You can also see it this way: everyone gets what they deserve.

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