What kind of doctor works in hospitals

Who works in a hospital?

Depending on the range of departments, there are specialists in the following areas:

There are also other employees with whom the patients do not come into direct contact. They include people from the following areas:

  • Company medical service, occupational medicine
  • Fire protection and security technology
  • House technic
  • Kitchen staff
  • Building cleaning
  • Computer science
  • Project management and organizational development
  • Quality management
  • Environmental protection and waste
  • office
  • Purchasing
  • PR / Marketing
  • Patient administration

Who is responsible for a hospital?

The operational management of a hospital is the responsibility of the so-called collegial management, which is directly subordinate to the legal entity or its authorized representative (e.g. management at private hospitals). The Hospitals Act stipulates the following minimum staffing for collegial leadership:

  • Medical Directorate,
  • Nursing Director and
  • Administrative Directorate.
The legal entity of a hospital is free to institutionalize a technical directorate and / or a personnel directorate, a finance directorate and the like.

The medical directorate is not only in charge of the hospital doctors, but is also responsible for all medical matters - ultimately also for hygiene, medical quality assurance, etc. by the doctor as well as by the employees of the qualified health and nursing service.

The nursing directorate is in charge of the nursing staff. The administrative department is responsible for finances, personnel, public relations and technical matters such as building services and fire protection.