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NBA - Michael Jordan was afraid of documentary 'The Last Dance': "People will think I'm a terrible guy"

From Monday, the documentary series The Last Dance will also be shown on Netflix in ten parts in Germany. The main actor Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls was hesitant about the release, according to director Jason Hehir, also because he feared it would come across badly.

"The meeting lasted a good hour," recalled director Jason Hehir in an interview with Richard Deitsch von The Athletic. "I asked him why he wanted to do the documentary and he replied that he didn't want to do it."

Accordingly, Jordan was not sure how people would react in his way. "I don't know if you understand why I was so dogged, why I do things the way I do them," quoted Hehir Jordan.

In the documentary, Jordan is said to have been very tough on Guard Scotty Burrell. "When you see the pictures, you have to think that I was a terrible guy," Jordan is supposed to have said.

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Jordan: "People won't understand"

"The reason I was so tough on him was that he was going to be tough in the playoffs. In the east, New York, Miami and Indiana were waiting. When people see how I acted in training, they will do not understand ", Jordan is said to have further explained.

But Hehir appeased the GOAT and pointed out that the series will explain for over ten hours why Jordan behaved this way and then people will understand.

The Last Dance deals with Jordan's last season with the Chicago Bulls in the 1997/98 season, and the first two episodes will be shown on Netflix in Germany from Monday.