Walking reduces arm fat

What can be done against too fat upper arms?

When it comes to problem areas in the female or male body, the arms can also be perceived as flaws. Some suffer from too fat arms, others from arm skin that hangs limply - the popularly known waving arms.

Too thick upper arms - a problem that should be taken seriously

Just like thighs that are too fat, too fat upper arms also reduce the quality of life. It starts with shopping for clothes and extends over everyday life and social life to relationships or dating and sex life. Partly that is Arm fat associated with sagging skin and the arms wobble ugly when moving. What are the ways to fight fat on the arms - and where does it come from?

Causes of thick upper arms

In contrast to other complaints, there is generally one main cause of too big upper arms and it is precisely this that needs to be combated: Obesity. If you are overweight, there is a great risk that fat will not only build up on your legs or hips, but also on your arms. A distinction is made between people who are just a few pounds or pounds too much on the scales and those who suffer from obesity. Morbid obesity is when you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 kg / m2. A distinction is made into three grades, depending on how severe the obesity is. Reasons for being overweight and obese there are many, including:

  • improper nutrition or overeating
  • Too little movement
  • genetic predisposition
  • Metabolic diseases (e.g. hypothyroidism)
  • Medicines that cause weight gain (for example, antidepressants, insulin, beta blockers, contraceptives)
  • Sleeping habits

However, one should be aware of one fact: not everyone who is overweight suffers from obesity immediately - and not everyone who is overweight has a lot of arm fat. This is exactly where the crux of the problem lies, because we have no control over where the fat cells accumulate on the body. Accordingly, it is difficult to get rid of fat deposits such as arm fat using general measures for losing weight. There are a few here Tips against too fat upper armsthat promise more or less success.

What can be done against too fat upper arms?

Reduce the weight

It is beneficial to lose weight to reduce arm fat along with the other fat pads. There are several methods of doing this:

  • Regular exercise is a great way to lose weight: Experts recommend swimming, cycling, jogging, and dancing in particular. But strictly speaking, every sport is suitable. It is advantageous if the arms are too thick, for. For example, opting for ball sports, because they put a lot of strain on the arms instead of the legs doing most of the work. Badminton, tennis, and squash are worth a try, but volleyball and basketball aren't a bad idea either. Exercise also helps to reduce arm fat, preferably with the use of equipment or dumbbells. It is important that you consistently exercise several times a week and ideally for 30 minutes at a time or more. You should work up a sweat and make an effort, but not exhaust yourself and still be able to have a conversation. Then the fat burning is cranked.
  • A Diet change is important if you want to weigh less in the long term. Diets only help in the short term, are too radical for the body and have no effect due to the yo-yo effect. A varied, healthy diet with renouncing or reducing fatty, oily and sweet foods is an advantage. In addition, one should refrain from hastily gobbling up and eating too large.
  • There are a few Preparations and food supplementsthat are supposed to aid weight loss. Many of these take the form of protein shakes. You can use them as a supplement, but under no circumstances should you expect miracles from them.

Hide the arm fat

The right clothing helps against waving arms and against too fat upper arms. The key here is to hide your flabby upper arms from view. If the weather is not too warm, long-sleeved tops - preferably in dark colors such as black - are simply ideal. They create a stretching effect. If it's just too hot for long-sleeved tops, you should refrain from short sleeves or even puff sleeves. Are better ¾-sleeves and ½-sleeves (ending just after or before the elbow). There is a persistent misconception that the sleeves should be snug so that they tighten and squeeze the skin in order to create an impression of slimness. Unfortunately, it's just the opposite and they only draw more attention to the excess arm fat. Are much more flattering loose bat sleeves or kimono sleeveshow they z. B. can be found in tunics. Men can opt for long-sleeved shirts or loose sweatshirts and pullovers and if desired - depending on the weather, roll up their sleeves to their elbows. And what about colors and patterns? Dark tones and inconspicuous patterns hide well, whereas large and colorful patterns and stripes make the arms appear even thicker. If you really want to wear strapless tops or dresses without sleeves - and, for example, show off a former favorite piece of clothing even after weight gain and with fat arms - then you are accessories just the thing. The upper arms can be hidden with cardigans, jackets, boleros and stoles or scarves.

Exercises against too big arms

In addition to movement in general, exercises to strengthen the arm muscles are recommended. This is how fat is converted into muscle mass, whereby discipline is also required here. The Exercise with dumbbells and weights for building biceps and triceps promises a relatively high degree of success. If you don't have time to go to the gym or don't want to buy dumbbells, you can practice at home with water bottles or heavy objects. Push-ups are also recommended. Housework that puts a lot of strain on the arms is a suitable alternative.

If none of these methods achieve the desired effect, or if they are too laborious or take too long, then you have the option of having fat removed from your arms. The team around Dr. Mathew Muringaseril takes care of your problem in Reutlingen and advises you on a liposuction on the arms (liposuction) as well as an upper arm lift. The qualified aesthetic plastic surgeon works out a solution that is individually tailored to you. You can contact us by phone on 07121/69 59 211 or by email.

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