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Hermes Royal shutters have been setting standards in terms of quality, workmanship and durability for decades.



2 Hermes Royal shutters have been setting standards in terms of quality, workmanship and durability for decades. HERMES ROYAL ROYAL GMBH Window shutter factory Johannes-Kepler-Str Besigheim-Ottmarsheim Tel Fax Folding and sliding shutters from the manufacturer mean direct sales without intermediaries for you. From 50 years of company history, which initially focused purely on sales, a GmbH was established in 1980, which is still growing today and develops and manufactures window shutters of various materials in-house. Whether made of wood, aluminum or plastic, as folding shutters or sliding shutters, Hermes Royal builds shutters according to your wishes. We offer the full range of shutters as a complete package from a single source. Every window shutter is subject to extensive checks, starting with the drying of the wood and vacuum pressure impregnation, through the manufacture of wood and aluminum shutters, through to assembly by our in-house assembly team. Due to constant further development, patented own brands such as the thermal anchor for attachment to thermally insulated external facades (ETICS), the adjustable cross strap for easy self-assembly and the Hermes Royal inner opener have been developed. So we offer you security when buying, security in your own four walls, a long shelf life and thus a lot of joy with your new or restored shutters. If you would like to find out more about our products in person, you are welcome to visit our 300m 2 exhibition area, which is open Monday to Friday during business hours. In addition to the classic shutters, you will also find sliding shutters and matching accessories, ranging from the useful to the detail-loving. This includes electric motors, which are easy to install in different versions when building a house, but also for retrofitting after years. We look forward to your visit. Contents Hermes Royal shutters References Wooden shutters Delivery program Wood Hermes production facilities Vacuum impregnation system Painting RAL color palette Aluminum shutters Powder coating Plastic shutters Dimensions and assembly instructions for wooden shutters Fittings Sliding shutters Hermes Royal Inside openers Folding shutters electrically open and close Fastening Install folding shutters yourself on thermally insulated external facades like a professional Exhibition window shutters Technical guidelines Maintenance and care guidelines

3 Hermes window shutters shape the face of your house 4 5

4 wooden shutters because wood is nature! Delivery program 24 wooden shutters The life cycle of the raw material, building material and energy carrier wood begins in the forest. As a result, from an ecological point of view, wood has a special position compared to all other raw materials. Wood is not only a sustainably renewable raw material, but, due to the unique production conditions in the forest, it is itself part of the forest ecosystem. All shutters are available in two types of wood! The tried and tested wooden shutter has been rediscovered by architects and builders. No wonder, because apart from burglary and noise, it offers constant protection against all environmental influences such as cold, heat, rain and is therefore more up-to-date than ever. This topicality is supported by the constantly increasing understanding of the environment on the part of the consumer. Products made of wood are not only natural, they also promote the environment at the same time. For these reasons, the popularity of our wooden folding shutters continues to grow. Anyone who uses wood is using a raw material that can be obtained in an environmentally and energy-friendly manner, processing KIEFER NATUR: Carefully selected, healthy pine wood. In a vacuum process with high-quality wood protection, colorless impregnated against blue pillar and wooden trestles. The structure of the natural wood is retained. The natural grain of the wood remains visible after the surface has been refined with glaze paints. and can be returned to the natural cycle without stress. Wooden shutters meet the highest demands as expressive facade and design elements in new buildings, when renovating and modernizing existing buildings. Domestic softwoods such as pine are usually used. They have all the properties that one would expect from a building material that has shaped building culture for centuries and has proven itself as a material for window shutters. Wood naturally has a long lifespan. There are traditional commandments for the processing of wood that have been handed down for a long time and even today cannot be replaced by technology. Technology is used where it saves costs. Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, where the aim is to bring out the natural beauty of the wood to its best advantage. 6 MERANTI NATUR A wood that is characterized by its special beauty. Due to its natural resistance to weathering, Meranti wood is particularly suitable for window shutters. Both types of wood are manufactured in accordance with the standards of the working group of German folding shutter manufacturers. The frame is mm wide, 32 mm thick and, depending on the height, mm wide at the bottom. Technical changes reserved. 7th

5 1 HJ 2 5 HJÜ HJÜ-HA 6 HJÜ-KO With fixed blind slats: 11/33 mm Available with exhibitor With protruding boards, slats: 12/72 mm Available with exhibitor. Strong ventilation effect With filling flattened on both sides and protruding boards (1 cassette) With filling flattened on both sides and protruding boards (1 cassette) HA-ÜM HA-ÜO HA HA With fillings flattened on both sides and protruding boards (2 cassettes) With fillings flattened on both sides and protruding Boards (2 cassettes) with panels flattened on both sides (2 cassettes) with panels flattened on both sides (3 cassettes) 8 9

6 HJ-KO HJ-HA HR 14 HJR With filling flattened on both sides (1 cassette) With filling flattened on both sides (1 cassette), three-layer panel 27 mm thick, with millings every 70 mm. Can be delivered with an exhibitor. With 1/3 fixed blinds and 2/3 panels. Three-layer board 27 mm thick, with millings every 70 mm. Can be delivered with an exhibitor. 11 HA-JM 12 HA-JO HJ-SPU HJ-SPU With two panels flattened on both sides (2 cassettes) With two panels flattened on both sides (2 cassettes) With 1/3 fixed blinds and 2/3 plywood panels 12 mm (AW 100) With 1/3 fixed blind and two plywood panels 12 mm (AW 100) 10 11

7 17 HSP-JM 18 HSP HV HAV With two plywood panels, 12 mm (AW 100) and a fixed blind in the middle. With two plywood fillings, 12 mm (AW 100). With adjustable blinds. Slats: 12/70 mm With adjustable blinds and two cassettes. Slats: 12/70 mm 19 HSP 20 Shutters 23 HJ-A 24 HJÜ-A With three plywood panels, 12 mm (AW 100). In spruce and pine, planed smooth, 24 mm thick with a burr strip, or in spruce three-layer board, 27 mm thick with a screwed and glued strip. Exhibitor with two scissors. Exhibitor with two scissors

8 Hermes production facilities Quality through manual work and traditional production methods Vacuum pressure impregnation system Effective wood protection for a long shelf life Oil-based vacuum pressure impregnation has many advantages: Hermes Royal is one of the few manufacturers to offer vacuum pressure impregnation and thus effective and environmentally friendly wood protection. The result is an enormously increased durability of the wood and the surface in contrast to conventional immersion impregnation. Painting intervals are extended by years if the conditions are good and if the color and weather conditions are appropriate. As a result, our customers reduce the maintenance costs of their shutters in terms of maintenance, care, restoration and repairs. long shelf life water-repellent permanently functional low maintenance pioneer in environmental protection dimensionally stabilizing dimensional accuracy Due to the dimensional stability, even the most extreme weather conditions cannot affect the functional efficiency. Little maintenance Less tension in the wood and thus excellent crack resistance in the surface are the reason why the wood protection film adheres so well to vacuum pressure impregnation and prevents flaking. Environmental protection In the case of vacuum pressure impregnated wood, the biocide content (active ingredients against fungi and insects) is extremely low. Wood absorbs active ingredients in the smallest pores and thus permanently fixes the wood protection. There are no toxic by-products when this wood is burned. Long shelf life Experience and practical tests in rough Scandinavia have shown that vacuum-pressure-impregnated folding shutters remain fully functional for many years. The effective chemical protection enables this long service life. Water-repellent properties The vacuum pressure impregnation achieves a water-repellent effect and is therefore dimensionally stabilizing. Dimensional changes due to moisture and the resulting tendency to crack formation are prevented. In contrast, the usual salt impregnation has a high impact on our environment. We combine environmental protection with optimal wood protection

9 Painting RAL color palette Painting is manual work at Hermes Royal. In a 6-stage process, Hermes Royal wooden shutters are particularly durable thanks to a careful paint structure. This means that repainting is only necessary after several years. Hermes Royal uses water-based acrylic varnish. The lacquer is environmentally friendly, available in all RAL colors and the wooden shutter can continue to breathe open to diffusion. The fittings, screws and small parts selected for this can be coated in the in-house powder coating system in the RAL color that matches the shutter. This prevents corrosion. 6-STAGE LACQUER DEVELOPMENT PROCESS 1: the wooden shutter is vacuum-pressure impregnated, which gives it optimal wood protection 2: machine flattening 3: a dipping or spraying process primes the shutters 4: an intermediate sanding is followed by a pre-coating 5: a further intermediate sanding is carried out 6: Final treatment in the color of your choice The color selection shows the colors most requested by our customers. Color reproductions in the brochure are only approximate. The RAL card is binding for the exact color. Other RAL colors on request. We repair and paint your old shutters on our system in all RAL colors.

10 aluminum shutters in all RAL colors. Folding shutters made of aluminum are permanently weatherproof for decades. We run a rich program that meets all needs. Folding shutters with exhibitors or with adjustable slats for the individual regulation of light and air supply, as well as window shutter solutions for special requirements. Hermes Royal aluminum shutters set modern accents and standards. They are subject to the highest quality standards, both in terms of processing and surface. Our aluminum shutters are made from extruded hollow chamber profiles, which guarantees a high level of stability. Powder coating environmentally friendly and durable Powder coating makes your colored ideas last for years. The coating quality is continuously monitored and ensures that the powder-coated surface has a long-lasting, weather-resistant, decorative appearance. The first requirement for the exterior resistant surface is weather resistance. This means: The colored surface should keep its original gloss, the color tone should only change insignificantly, there should be no chalking and cracking due to UV radiation or moisture. In addition, the surface must be resistant to corrosive influences. Test results of selected objects show good color stability even after a service life of over 10 years. Extreme climatic conditions and industrial atmosphere could not influence the positive balance. weather-resistant powder coatings, long-lasting for decades high resistance to mechanical influences environmentally friendly powder coating is free from solvents surfaces can be implemented in silk gloss, silk matt, fine structure silk matt high color fidelity for all RAL colors all fittings, rivets and small parts can match the window loading color in RAL colors powder Due to the material-specific surface properties, our aluminum shutters are extremely weather-resistant. A Hermes Royal aluminum shutter is available in all common RAL colors, powder-coated, perfectly matched to the color of your external facade in a classic shape, with round / segment arches, bevels or with individual special requests. For all aluminum folding shutters, there is a wide range of accessories and fittings for exhibitors, which are suitable for every application. Custom-made products are also possible for special requests. You can see more objects on display in our showrooms. AJ fixed blind slat width 38 mm 18 AJ fixed blind slat width 50mm AJÜ fixed blind protruding slats 12x98mm AV blind design, movable and infinitely adjustable with one-sided lever. Only available with slats 50mm thick AJB 1/3 fixed blind 2/3 sheet metal filling with transverse frieze. Slat thickness 38 / 50mm AB sheet filling AJR 1/3 fixed blind 2/3 closed panel filling with transverse frieze. Slat thickness 38 / 50mm AR closed panel infill 19

11 Plastic shutters Dimensions and assembly instructions for Hermes wooden shutters There are many reasons to choose plastic shutters with an aluminum core. Our decades of experience in production and a wide range of standard and decorative colors, as well as the implementation of individual customer requests during production, stand for this. Plastic folding shutters are robust, solidly made of rigid PVC and have a continuous aluminum core. As a result, they remain durable, easy to care for and maintenance-free. Standard colors Slight color deviations are due to the printing process. Decorative colors 5 years color guarantee 224 White 2 years color guarantee 915 Beige 2 years color guarantee 231 Light gray 2 years color guarantee 940 Light green 2 years color guarantee 677 Dark green 6 months color guarantee 998 Mahogany 6 months color guarantee 1109 Dark brown 6 months color guarantee 021 Mahogany Hermes Royal folding shutters are usually on the Masonry or mounted on the window frame. Ideally, the folding shutters are installed according to assembly scheme 1 (knocking into the reveal). Scheme 1 Folding shutters flush with the soffit With a straight soffit, take measurements, from soffit edge to soffit edge, both in width and in height. With a sloping reveal or sloping window sill, measure 3cm behind the reveal edge. Recommended deduction for finished dimensions: height approx. 12mm, width per wing approx. 8mm. With door shutters in the height of approx. 15mm. Due to certain structural situations, assembly scheme 4 is also used from time to time. The advantages of assembly scheme 1 are the increased security against break-ins, since the shutters cannot be unhooked when closed. The flush finish with the external facade also creates a sense of calm and aesthetics. Assembly scheme 4 is recommended for self-assembly, as this assembly involves higher tolerances in terms of dimensions and assembly. Scheme 2 for folding shutters in the reveal, clamp on the side in the reveal Measurements in the closed state of the shutter in the reveal. This is particularly important when the reveal is inclined. Recommended deduction for finished dimensions: height approx. 12mm, width per wing approx. 8mm. With door shutters in the height of approx. 15mm. Shop straps must be cranked depending on the requirements at the window / construction site. 801 Golden Oak 001 Oregon Stable construction 1 Welded frame profile 2 Continuous aluminum core 3 Exchangeable slat guide profile 4 Plastic slats Mountain oak Natural oak 020 Bog oak 003 Light oak Scheme 3 Folding shutters for windows with wood or stone rebates Measurements in the rebate from inside edge to inside edge, both in width and in height. Recommended deduction for finished dimensions: 1 height approx. 12mm, width per wing approx. 8mm. For door shutters with a height of approx. 15 mm, scheme 4 folding shutters above the reveal Add to the determined dimension of the reveal edges approx. 2 cm in height and approx. 2 cm in width on each side. Take into account the necessary distance to any clamps that may be present. Dark green KJ fixed blind KJ fixed blind with opening device Strips Douglas fir 518 Black-brown Blow bar arrangement Normal installation of the blow bars

12 fittings, and powder-coated in RAL colors Angle band Long band Cross band Center lock Push bolt, pressed shape Notch mm mm Nostalgic band with matching adjustable cross band Cross band available for block diameters 9, 10, 12 and 14 mm. Length 25, 35, 45, 55 and 65 mm, pressed shape, with nose and pull ring, stop bracket 125 mm long, 200 mm long, aluminum roller shutter angle, aluminum bolt block sash turn, wood lengths 160/200/240/300 mm long.Barbed sliding bolt, long shape, shutter holder in the shape of a round head, shutter holder in the shape of a woman's head, screw clamp 9 mm cone, for wood and stone, plate clamp made of steel, 9 mm cone spacing 15/20/25 and 35 mm, sliding shutters stop An integral part of modern facade design sliding shutters are an eye-catcher for every facade. We have the appropriate rails and fittings for every solution that is appropriate to the architecture. In contrast to folding shutters, sliding shutters offer an advantage in handling very wide window systems. Suitable for almost all door and window types with maximum noise levels. Available with electric drive on request. Due to their contemporary architecture, sliding shutters offer individual design options for house fronts and thus also help to turn dreary facades into attractive eye-catchers. Our running rails and fittings for single and multi-leaf sliding shutters enable a high degree of security as well as easy handling thanks to their sideways displacement. Due to the lack of rotation, sliding shutters have the advantage over folding shutters that they require less space. With the appropriate accessories, it is basically possible to operate the sliding shutters with an electric drive or a crank drive. We also offer a lock that does not allow the sliding shutters to be operated from the outside and thus offers extensive protection against break-ins. For all solutions, the hardware components that we deliver in different thicknesses are veneered in order to preserve the aesthetics of the building structure in any case. This can be done on-site with panels that are adapted to the architecture of the building, or with the light metal panels available from us for two hardware thicknesses. The determination of the hardware system depends on the width and height as well as the weight of the sash to be moved. Since sliding shutters are generally exposed to the weather, we supply aluminum running rails which, in conjunction with the double-paired plastic rollers, ensure quiet running and good lateral guidance of the sliding shutters. We offer complete hardware sets for single and multi-leaf sliding shutters that are operated manually or by an electric or crank drive. For special units, we also supply individual components up to the matching lower guide for the sliding shutters and the switch for the electric drive. In order to prepare offers, we ask you to send a construction drawing or sketch with the following information: Stop, dome hinge, seen from the inside on the right or left, 22 snap lock, wind trap, exhibitor bolt, decorative shutter fitting, dimensions, weight and material design (wood or aluminum) of the sliding shutters, window dimensions, number of sashes, sash arrangement, type of fastening for the running rail drive type (manual, electric or crank drive) with or without locking function description e.g. two wings run in one rail. They must be able to be opened and closed at the same time, or it must be possible for two leaves that are guided in a rail to be moved independently of one another. Type of lower guide 23

13 28 HERMES ROYAL INNER OPENER Opening and closing folding shutters electrically With the folding shutter drive from Hermes Royal you will achieve the highest level of living comfort. The technically fine way to open and close your window shutter manually. An electrically operated drive can be retrofitted at any time and is available for all common Hermes Royal folding shutters. For a demonstration of the advantages of this system, we recommend that you visit our showrooms. Of course, we also have electric drives for sliding shutters. Fig .: Motor, gear shaft, hand crank (removable) suitable for: new and old buildings thermally insulated exterior walls CAN BE RETROFITTED AT ANY TIME! The electric Hermes Royal folding shutter inside opener allows you to easily open and close folding shutters on windows and doors. Without having to open windows and doors, the folding shutters can be easily opened from the inside and closed securely. In addition, the inside opener can also be controlled via an in-house bus system. An additional locking is no longer necessary, as the system is designed to be self-locking and thus increases the burglar protection. Inside openers for folding shutters can also be retrofitted to wooden, aluminum or plastic shutters. The electric drive can also be used for windows with round, segmental arches or bevels. Masonry window The gear axis is drilled diagonally with 5 through the masonry. Variant of the electric folding shutter drive: the box profile for retrofitting insulation (ETICS) screw connection with Hermes Royal thermal anchor thermal separation made of plastic receptacle made of metal shutter gear head Subject to technical changes In the ideal case, the pivot point of the gear unit is in alignment with the pivot point of the shutter (bolt). However, the design of the gearbox also enables it to be installed with an offset to the center of the clamp in order to compensate for tolerances on the building site. The gearbox can be installed at a later date. The connection in the masonry is made with a suitable assembly adhesive. (Reference Hilti Hit-MM-Plus or comparable) In addition, the base plate is screwed into the masonry. A mounting sleeve is used for full thermal insulation on the outside. Retrofit your folding shutter electrically. With a fully wired motor with a lever system that is attached to the upper edge of the window frame, similar to a roller shutter box. Only a cable has to be laid inside the living area. Slope 5 48 Well suited for windows that are difficult to access in the living room, kitchen or bathroom area. The motor box is integrated into the lintel to fit the shape and can be matched in any RAL color to the house or shutter color. The retrofittable electric motor in the box profile cannot be used for round, segmented arches or inclines

14 Fastening shutters to thermally insulated external facades Protect your valuable insulation with the HERMES ROYAL THERMO-ANKER 26 DPMA & EP patent Loadable up to 40kg per anchor Available for insulation thicknesses (ETICS) of 8cm 25cm No heat loss through thermal separation module No thermal bridges No preparatory work (Thermo - / Isoblock) necessary Universally applicable Further information and videos at By using the HERMES ROYAL THERMO-ANKER, thermal bridge effects are negligible even in highly insulated external facades (ETICS) up to 25cm. The HERMES ROYAL THERMO-ANKER was tested at the Institute for Construction Materials at the University of Stuttgart for strength, stability and the heat transfer coefficient [U value of ~ 0.2W / (m2 * K)] and received from the German Institute for Construction ( DIBt) in Berlin a building inspection approval. With the thermal anchor, components with a weight of up to 40kg per anchor can be attached to your external facade with ETICS. The thermal anchor has been tested in both perforated and solid stones. With increasing insulation of the outer walls of buildings, thermal bridge effects become more pronounced. Heat losses through metal anchors made of aluminum or steel are noticeable and pose a risk of condensation, which in the extreme case can lead to the formation of mold on the facade. It is therefore of particular importance that when attaching external components, such as e.g. Shutters, the correct dowels with a thermal break are used and no untested dowels are used. This prevents consequential damage such as breakouts and thermal bridges. The Hermes Royal Thermo-Anchor thus offers maximum security when installing shutters in thermal insulation composite systems and protection against consequential damage to your insulation and facade. Mounting for fittings and fastening elements with metric thread M10 masonry ETICS system plaster base body made of aluminum hexagonal material with notches for a secure hold ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Schematic illustration of installation situation for clamps with THERMO-ANKER, section through masonry with full thermal insulation Window shutter Subject to technical changes Masonry insulation Plaster Due to the fact that no additional components or pre-installations are necessary for the installation of a HERMES ROYAL THERMO-ANKER, the installation is cheaper than previous solutions with the same effectiveness. The HERMES ROYAL THERMO-ANKER is ideally placed after applying the insulation (ETICS) and the fabric filling before the final plaster. A scaffold is therefore only required once if it is usually already there, as the subsequent final assembly, the hanging of the shutters, can also be carried out from the inside without any problems. Advantage: Absolutely tight outer skin of the facade, as the component is also sealed with the final plaster. Subsequent assembly is possible at any time without any problems. 1. Drill a hole. 2. Clean / blow out the drill hole. 3. Insert the perforated sleeve into the masonry using THERMO-ANKER (in the example with a shop block). 4. Pull the THERMO-ANKER out again so that the perforated sleeve remains in the masonry. 5. Inject Hilti HIT MM-Plus into the perforated sleeve. Fill the borehole completely until mortar emerges from the mouth of the borehole. 6. Knock in / screw in THERMAL ANCHOR until it is flush. 7. Use a spatula to smooth out excess Hilti HIT MM-Plus on the outer wall to seal, remove excess and allow to harden. 8. Done, shop peg is set! THERMO-ANKER with shutter holder in the shape of a woman's head Thermal separation module made of glass fiber reinforced plastic Video on 27

15 Assemble folding shutters yourself like a professional With the HERMES ROYAL CROSS HINGE Thanks to the new development of the adjustable HERMES ROYAL CROSS HINGE, it is now easy, quick and uncomplicated for every DIY enthusiast to assemble shutters themselves. Exhibition window shutters Find the right window shutters in the color of your choice together with your advisor. Your personal sales advisor will guide you through the 300m2 rooms and introduce you to all of the wooden and aluminum shutters. In addition, you can see sliding shutters and drives for all models live in action. OPENING HOURS In addition to the matching shutters, you can also get a glimpse of our aluminum and wooden shutter production on request. * or by telephone agreement Monday Friday: 9.00 a.m. * Saturdays: by agreement In addition to the window shutters, the full range of fittings are available in showcases. Test our crank and electric drives on sample models. We offer our customers complete pre-assembly of all fittings on the shutter. With our newly developed and patented cruciate strap, which can be adjusted with a conventional Allen key, the shutters are only hung and adjusted from the interior without scaffolding during self-assembly. Finished. A special drilling template is supplied for setting the clamps. We also offer you a free sample service. With different colors and colors you can get a direct picture at home. Upon request, we will prepare a non-binding offer for you on site. Please bring pictures, plans and the approximate dimensions of the windows from the planned building project with you. Fast and uncomplicated assembly of shutters Simple self-assembly without special tools No drilling of the fittings on the finished lacquered or powder-coated shutters Can also be used with existing clamps and stays Applicable to wooden, aluminum and plastic shutters This is how it works! Installation instructions video on K1 b = width K2 1. Drill holes. Template is included. 2. Set the clamp. 3. Take measurements. 4. Hang in the shutters from the interior and adjust them with the Allen key. 5. Done! K3 K4 h = height 28 29