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Business studies at the HFT Stuttgart

StudiBWLHFT  📅 28.02.2014 11:18:27
Business studies at the HFT Stuttgart
Hello my dears!

First of all, briefly to myself: I'm 20 and am currently still doing an apprenticeship as an office clerk at an internet agency in Stuttgart. Since I have the technical college entrance qualification, I will shorten my training by half a year and then plan to study business administration at the HFT in the summer semester of '15.

Now I would like to have a few opinions from you as to whether you can generally recommend studying at the HFT and what everyday life is like at a university.
With a little luck, I could start as a student trainee at Daimler right away, but do you even have time to work as a Werki in the first semester?

Questions upon questions ...

Thank you for answers !!
Re: Studied business administration at HFT Stuttgart

my buddy is studying at the HFT, but not business administration, but construction. However, he was previously in Esslingen and thinks that the level of difficulty is a good deal less.
So all in all it should be a feasible course of study.

In addition, you undoubtedly have the advantage that the HFT is located in the center of Stuttgart.
rtrefasdafssf  📅 28.02.2014 11:48:41
Re: Studied business administration at HFT Stuttgart
Working student: yes, from the first semester. BUT I wouldn't do it at Daimler, the chances of being taken on are very slim. I know students who have done their entire studies (internship, BThesis, MThesis, working student) at e.g. Bosch. After completing their studies, they were allowed to look for a new "home". Find a hidden champion - there are enough in Stuttgart.
StudiBWLHFT  📅 28.02.2014 12:14:22
Re: Business studies at HFT Stuttgart
Thank you for your answers!

Yes, the location of the HFT is really great.

How is it regulated at universities of applied sciences for the purpose of the timetable: do you have lectures or days off every day and what about the compulsory attendance?

I would be interested in a typical week of a college student

Re: Studied business administration at HFT Stuttgart
So it depends on the timetable, it may well be that you have one day off a week. But first I would assume that you have a full week.

Otherwise there is basically no compulsory attendance, but there are also compulsory courses such as laboratories (maybe less for you, don't know) or other where you have to be there.

The schedule always varies, sometimes you start late, sometimes early, sometimes you are at the university all day ... that's really hard to say. One approach is the weekly semester hours (they are in the module book of the course). In addition, there may be tutorials or other, for example, one-off events.

Basically you also have to do something at home, prepare and follow-up, well that also depends on you; For example, I study about 1 month before the exams, before that I only go to the lectures and I don't do anything else, unless I have to hand something in or something.

If you have any questions, ask
lid  📅 30.07.2015 12:15:45
Re: Studied business administration at HFT Stuttgart
I don't know if I'm too late with my answer and you are already studying and can experience everyday life yourself, but others may be interested.

I studied business administration at the HFT and can only recommend the university! If there are small groups in the lectures, you can always ask questions if you don't understand something. The professors are at your side during the consultation hours and will also help you with questions that go beyond your subjects. (e.g. stay abroad, student jobs, internship etc ..) As in every degree, there are "simple" subjects that can be mastered well with diligence, but also less simple subjects where you have to be very well prepared.

My everyday life was such that I usually had one day off a week in the basic course (first 2nd semester). I really needed this day to study for the respective subjects. The undergraduate studies were demanding as many exams were written and many lectures were held. (Partly the other days from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.) The main course was also demanding, but there was a little more "air" because fewer subjects. In recent years, the university has expanded its specializations so that there should be something for everyone. In the last semester you concentrate mainly on the thesis. There are also a few practical projects (which are very interesting) and an English course going on. The thesis can be written either theoretically or in a company.

Thanks to the central location, you can quickly get anywhere you want to go. You have many options during the lunch break. As I said, I can only recommend the Hft!
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