What is an email A-B test

A / B testing in email marketing

An A / B split test is a controlled experiment that you can use to test, analyze and optimize your newsletter campaign. Instead of going back and forth, just do an A / B split test to determine which variant is more successful.

Which parameters can be tested? In short: a lot! Test

  • Subject line
    The most important decision criterion for opening - or deleting. Test short against long, funny against serious, personalized address against general and much more (special characters, keywords, length).
  • Sender name
    Company name, name of the employee or a combination? With a hyphen, “at” or “from” the company? First name only or first and last name? The possibilities are varied and can result in a few percent more or fewer openings.
  • Content
    - Layout: design of the page, arrangement, size, color and shape of the buttons (call-to-action buttons)
    - Visual elements: image variants, formatting, font and background colors
    - Address: "You" versus "You" and personalization versus general address in the text
    - Content: headings, sequence of topics, length, formulations, calls to action and descriptions
    - length
    - Promotional campaigns: Free shipping orders, vouchers and discounts offer strong click incentives.

TIP: It is important for all A / B split tests that only one variable is tested at a time so that the results are not falsified. For example, if you want to test two different subject lines and the placement of a call-to-action button, you have to carry out two different A / B split tests.