Left-handers think faster than right-handers

Are left-handers the better employees?

Left-Handed Day on August 13, 2015.

Persecuted in the Middle Ages, today hailed as geniuses. What's wrong with the left-handed myths? Is it really true that left-handed people are more intelligent and creative than other people, and therefore better employees too? When finding employees, should we concentrate on hiring left-handers at best, in addition to the gawky other requirements?

The left side has a bad rap. If you got up with your left foot first, you spoiled yourself all day. If you don't like you, you ignore him and whoever hurts others is a left-wing type. Being left-handed or having two left hands doesn't mean anything good either. According to Christian tradition, those who used to prefer to use their left hand strayed from the “right path”.

So in the past, hard work was done to wean the children of the left-wing preference. Many will certainly remember the admonition "take that beautiful hand!"

A mystery: the cause of left-handedness

There is disagreement among researchers on this issue there is no clear statement. In 2007, it was said that scientists at Oxford University had discovered a gene that is said to be responsible for developing left-handedness. Five years later, a research group at Oxford University was able to use a genetic study to identify a relevant gene that is involved in early left-right development in the embryo.

Other research deals with the hormonal influence on handedness. "Could the increased estrogen concentration in the womb ... also have influenced brain development and thus handedness?" From: "In focus: Neuroscience: dreaming, thinking, feeling - brain puzzle"

The neuroscientist Stefan Gutwinski sums up: “There are 1000 hypotheses on this. Inheritance probably plays a role. In identical twins, the handedness is 80 percent identical. ... The handedness already arises in the womb. "

I'll do that with my left hand!

What is meant, of course, is that it is easy for someone to get a thing done. And for some successful people, we can take it literally.

The list of famous left-handers is long. The Roman ruler Julius Caesar is said to have been left-handed, as were Leonardo da Vinci and Napoelon Bonaparte. The composer Ludwig van Beethoven and the Beatles musician Paul McCartney are also left-handed, as are Microsoft founder Bill Gates, US President Barack Obama, Oscar winner Angelina Jolie and the English heir to the throne Prince William.

Is it a coincidence that many creative and brilliant people are left-handed? At least the list of successful left-handers is long - and that leads to speculation that they are superior to right-handers. Fact or myth?

Are left-handed people smarter than others?

The handedness researcher Chris McManus from University College London got to the bottom of this question. To do this, he examined 11,000 children in England for their handedness and intelligence quotient. At first there was nothing exciting. The average IQ of left- and right-handed people was almost identical, at least at first glance.

“But as soon as you looked at the two extremes, that was no longer true,” says the researcher. Both among the highly gifted and among the severely retarded children there were significantly more left-handers than among the normally gifted children. So, on average, the IQ is the same, but left-handed people cluster at the top and bottom of the scale.

Are left-handed people more successful?

In professional life, left-handedness seems to be beneficial. Left-handed people with a high level of education earn ten to 15 percent more in the US than their right-handed counterparts, a study shows. In the UK, left-handed men have salaries averaging five percent higher than their right-handed counterparts.

Are left-handed people more creative?

According to most scientists, the greater creativity of left-handed people is a modern myth. There are numerous famous musicians and other artists on the list of left-handers, "for example Paul McCartney", explains biospychologist Onur Güntürkün from the University of Bochum in an interview. “He's left-handed - but for every left-handed Paul McCartney, you'll find nine right-handed famous pop musicians. One would have to prove that there are an above-average number of creative left-handers - and there is simply no data basis. "

Are left-handed people more sensitive?

This is the view of the British behavioral scientist Lynn Wright. In a personality test, she found that left-handers are more likely to identify with statements such as “I'm worried about making mistakes” or “Criticism or insults hurt me a lot” than right-handed people. In addition, they are more inclined to make lists and to mark many passages in texts in color so as not to forget anything.

However, other scientists are skeptical of this theory. Their argument: In principle, the insecurity of left-handers could also come from the fact that they have to find their way around in a world with cars, tools, computer mice and golf clubs, almost all of which were designed for right-handers.

Withholding "their" work materials from left-handers is trying to let them hop on one leg all day. - out "Step by step to happiness WITH LINKS"

Are left-handers the faster thinkers?

The research team led by Nick Cherbuin from the Australian National University found that left-handed people had faster transfer times between the two halves of their brain than right-handed people. The researchers conclude that left-handed people can think faster when it comes to special skills such as computer games or sports.

A few left-handed facts

The gangster Billy the Kid was long considered left-handed because there was only a mirror-inverted photo of him; from 33 facts about left-handers, mostly taken from the book "Only for left-handers".

Which half of the brain do you use the most?

The opposite half of the brain is responsible for each hand. What do you see here? Does the dancer turn left or right?
Note: If you have deactivated animations in the browser, you will not be able to see the movement of the dancer.


  • Clockwise rotation: You mainly use the right hemisphere.
  • Counterclockwise -> You mainly use the left hemisphere.

Can you also let the dancer turn in the other direction? For a little help: click here.

If you now feel like networking your two hemispheres better and being able to do things “simply with your left hand”, then do a little exercise. For example, brush your teeth with your left hand. That feels clumsy and unfamiliar in the first few days; after a week it's much easier. Or use a few of the numerous tips to strengthen your left side.

There are many myths and stories about left-handers. The most interesting thing about all of these myths is that they are extremely resistant to counter-evidence. And why? Simply because most people are right-handed and probably just want to see their version of the world.

Summary: Left-handed - the better employees?

It is clear that left-handers have a harder time in everyday life, as almost everything is designed for right-handers. These daily Challenges allow left-handers to deal more flexibly with new solutions.

The rest is not clearly explored - and I'm sure left-handed people are not the better employees, but definitely great ones!

Do you also tend to use the other hand? Just write it in the comment - with the left 😉

Have a good time, have fun!

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