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What types of mantras are there

What types of mantras are there? Background information Different types of mantra. And also recitation of some important mantras.

What types of mantras are there and which mantras have which effect and are particularly suitable for you? Mantras are syllables, words or phrases with spiritual energy and power and there are several ways to distinguish between mantras.

Moksha and Siddhi mantras

First there are the so-called moksha and siddhi mantras. Moksha mantras are mantras that are supposed to lead to liberation (moksha) and enlightenment and Siddhi mantras want to activate certain powers and abilities. For example, "OM" is a moksha mantra that wants to lead you to liberation.

One-body and Bija mantras

“VAM” is the Bija mantra (“Bija” = root) of the Svadhisthana Chakra. It activates the Svadhisthana Chactra, the energy of water, of flowing and it awakens healing energy and creativity. But it does not lead directly to enlightenment. Bija mantras are monosyllabic mantras. Examples are "OM" (which is also a moksha mantra), "AIM", "RIM", "KLIM" and "SHRIM".

Polysyllabic mantras

There are also polysyllabic mantras that often consist of several words, such as "SOHAM" or "OM NAMAH SHIVAYA". So there are monosyllabic, bija and polysyllabic mantras.

Abstract and Concrete Mantras

A distinction can also be made between abstract and concrete mantras. Abstract mantras, the so-called “Nirguna mantras”, are also called Vedanta mantras and are mantras that are aimed directly at the divine. The moksha mantras include “OM” and “SOHAM” in particular. In a broader sense, the Gayatri mantra and the “Om Tryambakam” are also abstract mantras. There are also the so-called saguna mantras (concrete mantras with properties) that address a certain aspect of God. "OM NAMAH SHIVAYA" is also aimed at Shiva and thus at love and goodness. "OM NAMO NARAYANAYA" is also a mantra, which is aimed at a certain aspect of God, in this case Vishnu, who is everywhere and in all beings as Narayana. Another example is "OM SHRI DURGAYAI NAMAH", which is addressed to the divine mother.

Veda mantras and other subdivisions

There are also Veda mantras that can be found in the Vedas and other subdivisions of mantras. For example, there are a total of 18 moksha mantras in the Yoga Vidya tradition that can be used for meditation.

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