How is DMT released in death

Why is dimethyltryptamine (DMT) released during death?

Dimethyltryptamine has been identified as a normal component of human blood, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid. Dimethyltryptamine is an N-methylated indoleamine derivative, a serotonergic hallucinogen. It appears to act as an agonist on some types of serotonin receptors and on others as an antagonist associated with indigenous Amazon peoples who consume a bitter decoction of at least two types of plant material known as ayahuasca.

DMT is able to transport the user to a seemingly completely autonomous alternative reality within seconds.

There is a term called the consensus reality of the world in which we live in an imagination of our brain. DMT is able to build this alternate reality with which we do not feel or perceive it under normal circumstances. DMT can cause such dramatic shifts in consciousness that completely new worlds emerge. Our brains use different approaches to create a mental field that results in a unified world, and these two can be classified as functional separation and integration. As humans, we are very visual beings and the cortical region of our brain helps us with this. Our brain continues to develop, changes in the course of life and in the course of evolution. It becomes absolutely critical to determine how the brain interprets and categorizes sensory information and thus builds the world of consensus, and we reach a point where our brain can or can create worlds without outside influence or data.

These are the results reported from the DMT studies

1. Hallucination - visual, physical, auditory; 2. Entering other realities, sometimes including contact with other living beings, described as true or real experiences rather than hallucinations; 3. clarity; 4. Affective Distortions; 5. Inexpressibility; 6. extreme intensity; 7. Spirituality, learning or teaching about the truths of the universe or the self; 8. Distortion in terms of time, space, self; 9. Feeling of familiarity

This is also reported by the research group. - Carousels, fairgrounds, clowns / fools, circuses; - Mischievous or playful elves / dwarves / goblins; - insect and reptilian beings, extraterrestrials; - futuristic hyper-technological buildings and cities; - Complex machines, state-of-the-art technology; - be observed and / or experimented; - Unknown places apparently on earth.

Because of all of these mechanisms and effects of DMT, I can say that when we are on the verge of death, our brains produce DMT in higher quantities to ease the pain I assume while being the alternate reality or the alien reality something that has not yet been thoroughly investigated. So I would say if there is an alternate world in which people live after death, then DMT is the molecule that helps with that.

Rik Smith-Unna

This does not answer the question. The question is why DMT, which is released upon death, is chosen for evolution.