Is the American presidency imperial or endangered

Author:Nina ThomsenURN:urn: nbn: de: kola-18378Subtitle (German):on the security policy reaction from Clinton to Obama to new threats and on the continuation and establishment of an opportunity for American security policy transformation in NATOReferee:Siegmar Schmidt, Wolfgang MunoDocument Type:Doctoral thesisLanguage:GermanDate of completion:2019/04/23Date of publication:2017/12/21Publishing institution:University of Koblenz-Landau, Landau campus, university libraryGranting institution:University of Koblenz-Landau, Landau campus, Faculty 6Date of final exam:2018/10/02Release date:2019/04/25Day:NATO Global Partners; NATO Response Force; NATO transformation; Neoconservatives; Offensive neorealism
Preemptive strike; Revolution in military affairs; Very High Readiness Joint Task Foce; assertive multilateralism; offensive neorealism
GND Keyword:Bill Clinton; Iraq war; Nato; Obama; securityNumber of pages:995Institutes:Faculty 6License (German):German copyright law applies: ยง 53 UrhG