Is the vibration of the fan in the laptop harmful?

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Addendum to: "CPU fan vibration dangerous for components ???"

Have you already had the fan balanced?


Addendum to: "Have you already had the fan balanced?"

No, should you do that?
or how is that done ???

computer smurf(Anonymous)

"CPU fan vibration dangerous for components ???"


if your fan vibrates, it can have several causes (I don't know your fan, but it doesn't matter):
1. Your fan is not properly attached and can "move" a little -> tighten the screws, attach the heat sink with the fan "bombproof"
2. The fan is defective (ball bearing def., Wing (piece) broken off, poor quality (?), Etc.)

Case 1 is solved quickly, otherwise ask someone for advice who can also take a look at it and assess it (if you don't know any PC dealers in the area). Write or call Pc-cooling and ask for advice.

Vibrations can cause damage in the long run, it starts with loose screws and, depending on the intensity and duration, can end with broken components.


computer smurf

PS: Blowing fans is absolutely new to me and actually bullshit

Dr. Hook(Anonymous)

"CPU fan vibration dangerous for components ???"

I also think that the vibrations are due to an imbalance.
Subsequent balancing not only seems difficult to me, but would also be an imposition for the end user. Such a fan must already be ex-works without any significant imbalance or vibration.
I advise exchanging.


Dr. Hook