Why did the show kill Stannis

Why don't Melisandre and Stannis create more shadow monsters?

First of all, they are going to use more shadows so your question is premature. I'm not entirely sure if this is supposed to be in a spoiler day or not. I'm assuming this is a question about the TV show, not the books.

Second, the shadows are expensive to summon. It is mentioned later in the books that Stannis appears drained and skeletal, and there are other references that I won't publish here because of their very tolerant nature. Suffice it to say, it affects people who are injured to fuel Melisandre's magic.

As we shall see, the shadows will not help Stanni as much as he would hope either, because the majority of masters and people are against him. Coupled with their high cost, they don't really provide an answer to its problems.

For those reasons aside, I think Stannis is a good guy, deep down. At first I didn't like him at all, but in all the books he's solid, honorable, tough and grumpy, and it's hard not to like him when he despises and scolds his sycophants, but praises Davos for telling the truth .

Everything he does he does for a reason, not out of personal greed or ambition, but because it is right and just. Yeah, I admit I'm a bit of a fan of Stannis. So I stand on Andres F's side and also say that Stannis is not entirely satisfied with that. He admits at one point that it is better to dishonorably kill one man than to let thousands suffer, but I still think it doesn't suit him well.


+1 just to say you're a fan of Stannis (but the answer is good too!)


Wait until you see what he's doing to his family. Stannis is not a good guy. As you already know, he just killed his own brother. This is not good.


@Chloe That was on the TV show. And his brother wanted to kill him.


What about his other family? At the risk of spoilers,>! Stannis injured and would have killed his nephew, and he also burned his own daughter. Was that just on the TV show? Stannis is not a good guy. He's a sociopath, like most characters.


@Chloe In the books, he didn't harm his nephew or daughter. Davos sent his nephew - Edric Storm, not Gendry - across the sea. Stannis would have done what he did because he really believed he had to, otherwise the White Walkers would win. He thinks he is Azor Ahai. I was very mad at him because it looked like he killed Robb himself. But when he met Jon Snow it became hard not to like him.