Koeche can have baerte

What your beard reveals about your personality

Dear Santa Claus, rough fur seal, arrogant aristocrat or hot ladyboy - many beard shapes arouse certain associations. So does your beard suit your personality?

A beard represents masculinity - that may be true in general. In individual cases, however, the shape of the beard transports another effect. Anyone who wears a beard should be aware that this effect should match the overall appearance and character. Perhaps your beard reveals more about your personality than you would like or it is not your type at all.

What is hidden under the long beard?

The full beard is very popular in terms of fashion: the trend has penetrated from the international metropolises to the smallest provincial nests. It's no longer just worn by seniors or hipsters. Image consultant Petra Waldminghaus (www.petra-waldminghaus.de) has already seen many beards and fashion trends come and go: "Which conclusions can be drawn from the beard on the character depends above all on the beard shape." If you don't want to play Santa Claus in December or are not a fan of ZZ Top, you'd better avoid the extreme long beard.

Otherwise you might think you lost a bet or didn't have the time to devote to personal hygiene. Or is there something to hide? Type advisor and author Waldminghaus knows: "Some men let their beards grow down their necks to hide a double chin." However, the effect is counterproductive, as the face area only increases in size. The double chin is even more evident. A clearly contoured and shortened full beard, on the other hand, makes the face look more distinctive and well-groomed, the double chin is hardly noticeable.

Other men hide acne scars or their true age under their beards. One thing is clear: a full beard and a long beard make you look older. So think twice about whether you would rather appear a little more youthful and wear your beard hair shorter. (Find out which beard fits which face shape here.)

A kind of compromise is the so-called henriquatre - a beard that runs like a wreath around the mouth and chin, but does not cover the cheeks. >>

This form is something for men who are not much older, but who want to appear experienced and seductive.

Three-day beard: youthful but elaborate

Ladyboy, Indiana Jones, or Surfer Boy - you're far too busy with the most exciting things in life to shave every day. Therefore, they wear a three-day beard, which makes them look confident, casual and youthful. An effect that many men like to use to underline a corresponding character trait and to convey an image of eternal youth. But be careful: "This is the beard shape with the most effort," warns Petra Waldminghaus. "The three-day beard must be clearly contoured and regularly trimmed, otherwise it will look unkempt very quickly." And a scruffy surfer guy looks like an employed teenager - not exactly attractive. Think carefully about whether you want to invest the time in the casual appearance.

Breach of style with a mustache While a full beard can cover up unclean skin or scars, a mustache usually highlights something: namely an eccentric, non-conformist character. Petra Waldminghaus says: "The mustache has a rather bad, out-of-date image and is therefore often worn by men who want to stand out with it." No wonder that some mustache wearers come across as a boor at first. In the best case, however, as a strong-willed man who knows exactly what he wants and does not give up on the opinion of others. Eccentric beard fashion for the brave

Those who like to swim against the current and want to make the beard their unmistakable trademark can dare to try really daring combinations.

For example, a full beard plus a twisted mustache or a mustache with a small soul patch below the lip. The walrus beard (also called Fu Manchu) sends out clear signals: A mixture of Hulk Hogan and bad boy biker, this is really only for the very brave.

Close shave for perfectionists Although the beard trend is ubiquitous, there are still plenty of clean-shaven faces out there. This is particularly suitable for men who take it seriously, prefer not to dare to experiment and want to make an absolutely flawless impression. They appear smooth and perfect in the truest sense of the word - not necessarily less masculine. Bald man and beard

With bald people, on the other hand, a beard can optimally balance the proportions of the face. It also creates a nice contrast and the combination of bald head and beard makes you look more masculine. Of course, you should also take your professional and private environment into account when choosing a beard. A CEO in a long-established company is unlikely to express his character with a Viking beard and pigtail. Anyone who wants to stand out in the creative industry can hardly avoid a distinctive beard. The situation is similar when it comes to the world of women: You can conquer your one-night stands with your three-day beard or daring beard variations, a partner may be annoyed in the long run by the scratching or long shaggy.

It is clear that women have an eye for whether a man has the beard that suits him or whether he is swimming on a fashion wave. It is therefore imperative that you make an individually coherent decision.