Causes premature ejaculation in premature babies

Miscarriage: Many departures go unnoticed

Preventing miscarriages

Recurring miscarriages can basically only be prevented by treating the causes. In general, quitting smoking, alcohol, and large amounts of coffee also helps reduce the risk. If there is a tendency to abortion, the doctor recommends avoiding sexual intercourse or using condoms during the early phase of pregnancy. Because the man's ejaculate contains substances that irritate the cervix. If bleeding occurs, the pregnant woman should also take it easy.

Funeral and pastoral care

After a miscarriage, parents usually find it helpful if they can consciously say goodbye. Psychologists or pastors who work with the respective clinic provide support. If the child weighs more than 500 grams, it must be buried individually. If it weighs less, the parents can also opt for an anonymous collective burial. Clinics often do this as part of a memorial service that parents can attend.

Maternity leave and regression

If the fetus had a birth weight of 500 grams or more, the employer may not employ the woman for up to eight weeks after the miscarriage - except at her express request. If she has not yet used maternity leave six weeks before the planned delivery date, she is still entitled to it. In any case - even with a lower birth weight - the woman is entitled to a conversation with a midwife and postnatal exercise. If necessary, she is prescribed psychological treatment.