Is Trump Twitter valid?

Storm on the Capitol: Twitter blocks Trump account after rioting

Because of a possible incitement to violence, the short message service Twitter blocked several tweets from the incumbent US President Donald Trump on Wednesday. Hundreds of Trump supporters had previously stormed the parliament building in Washington to protest against the certification of the presidential election results.

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In the first of the two tweets, Trump accused Vice President Mike Pence of not wanting to challenge the result of the US presidential election last November in the US Congress. The second tweet included a short video of Trump urging his supporters to end the occupation of the Capitol in Washington. However, even in this video, Trump falsely claimed that "our election victory was stolen".

The two tweets could not be replied to. Users could not forward or like them either. Twitter later blocked access to Trump's private and most important account @realDonaldTrump for twelve hours. Had three tweets "repeated and severe" violate the guidelines and would have to be deleted, said Twitter. If the deletion does not take place, the account would remain blocked, it said. Twitter then apparently removed the tweets itself for violating the usage rules.

According to US media reports, several leading MPs who had to get to safety from the intruding mob had previously asked Trump for a clarifying statement. But he did not distance himself from the violent intruders in the video and said: "Go home. We love you. You are very special." Observers therefore feared that the video would not help to calm the situation in the US Congress.

In the congressional session on Wednesday, the votes of the US electoral body were to be counted, thus confirming the election of Trump's challenger Joe Biden as the new US president. Supporters of Trump in the Republican Party had announced that they would question the validity of the votes. However, since they do not have a majority in either the House of Representatives or the Senate, only a delay in the process was expected.

Twitter announced last October that it would tighten its crackdown on misleading tweets in connection with the US elections. Since Trump has been talking about a fake and stolen election since the vote was counted, almost every tweet he made is given a warning. However, no warnings have been issued so far about possible acts of violence.

According to the Guardian, Twitter was asked to completely block Trump's account. The Twitter security team only announced, given the ongoing situation in Washington D.C. "the health of public conversation" wanting to protect. However, further steps would be considered.

Addendum from January 7, 2021, 0:09 a.m.

Unlike Twitter, the social network Facebook removed the Trump video. "This is an emergency situation and we are taking appropriate immediate action, including removing President Trump's video. We deleted it because we believed it would increase rather than decrease the risk of persistent violence."According to a statement from Facebook manager Guy Rosen. According to media reports, the video was also removed from YouTube.

Addendum dated January 7, 2021, 8:07 a.m.

We have added the blocking of Trump's Twitter account in the heading and second paragraph.

Addendum from January 7, 2021, 12:02 p.m.

We added in the second paragraph that Twitter removed three tweets from Trump.