How much is somehow attached to someone

Can you "put aside" attachment?

Hmmmm difficult ...

So I think there is again a difference between attachment in the sense of "just wanting to be with someone a lot and a lot of physical contact involved, but still not dependent on it" and attachment in the sense of "I can't spend a day without you and demand togetherness with a lot of emphasis and take my partner completely, or EXPECT from him that his life revolves around me, because mine revolves only around him ”.

I find the former positive and yes ... just a matter of character and a nice quality, because ultimately it does not appear in any excess, but simply asserts affection.

According to my experience, the second can lead to enormous problems in a relationship and mostly has nothing to do with “expressing affection”, but simply with fear of loss and a tendency to control.

I myself once had a phase in which I was absolutely dissatisfied with myself and felt insecure and just not good, and for a while I went for the unpleasant variant of "clinging". Fortunately, I noticed it myself in good time and immediately took countermeasures. At the time, my friend also pointed out to me what might be a shock at first, but in the end it was really helpful. Sometimes you just need someone to bring you back to "reality"

I would definitely advise your boyfriend to talk to his girlfriend about it in peace and to tell her again very clearly that his friends and his "own" area are very important to him, but that does not mean that she is less worthy to him or him she resets. Or maybe he just asks them to do more for themselves.

Sure, that is always difficult, but I think that if he keeps talking about your "attachment" and is only annoyed at the end of the day, the relationship will eventually run out. She will not stop doing it and feel confirmed in her "claim to possession" and he will back down with his own desires and at some point simply no longer feel like it.

Well ... long story short