What's in peanut butter

This is why you should eat peanut butter before bed

Muscle building and mass phase, diet and definition phase: peanut butter is not only healthy, but also the perfect snack for athletes. We explain why peanut butter is so healthy and why you should eat it before bed.

Peanut butter is high in calories and delicious. Doesn't sound like typical fitness food - as unfortunately so often. But: peanut butter is healthy. And good for falling asleep. Regardless of whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat.

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Is Peanut Butter Healthy?

Yes. Unsaturated fatty acids. Vegetable protein. Potassium and magnesium. Vitamin E and arginine. What do these nutrients have in common? They all are important for healthy muscles and a beautiful body. And: peanut butter contains them all. This is why peanut butter is healthy.

Delicious protein replenishment. With every spoon.

Snack, spread, topping or sauce. Sweet or savory: peanut butter is the protein-rich all-rounder in your kitchen. Whether proteins for muscle building or fiber during a diet - valuable nutrients support your performance in sport and everyday life. So a must-have.

  • Ideal as a spread or in smoothies
  • Rich in important vitamins and minerals
  • Provides valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • 100% organic quality and without artificial additives
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This is why you should eat peanut butter before bed

The sum of its positive properties makes peanut butter healthy and a wonderful bedtime snack.

What if you eat peanut butter before bed?

  • Your muscles are supplied with high quality protein overnight.
  • Muscle building is promoted and muscle breakdown is prevented.
  • The regeneration is supported by valuable trace elements.
  • The protein content boosts thermogenesis.
  • You are perfectly supplied with nutrients overnight.
  • Morning cravings are a thing of the past.

Peanut - The Protein Nut

Strictly speaking, the peanut is not a nut, but a legume. But their nutritional profile is in no way inferior to that of the “real nuts”. In a direct protein comparison with almonds, macadamia and Co., the peanut ranks well 26 g protein per 100 g even clearly ahead. Peanut butter is healthy and has nutritional values ​​that are effective for athletes.

Peanut butter for muscle building & bulk phase

Peanut butter is high in fat and high in calories. At 9 kcal per gram, fat is the macronutrient with the most calories. This also explains the many calories peanut butter provides. That's why peanut butter makes it easier for those who need to build muscle Excess calories to reach.

When it comes to fat, however, it is not just a question of quantity, but also of quality. Here, healthy peanut butter scores with a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids. The Nutritional Profile of Peanut Butter convinces with little carbohydrates, a lot of protein, healthy fat and fiber.

Naturally included Arginine and magnesium support performance, potassium helps replenish glycogen stores after training. This makes peanut butter healthy and the perfect food for athletes.

Peanut butter in diet & definition phase

Protein increases thermogenesis. That is, its digestion requires a lot of energy. The basal metabolic rate and Boosted fat burning. This is particularly useful overnight. Increased fat burning prevents unsightly love handles and cravings in the morning. High quality protein helps maintain muscles.

Peanut butter is healthy if you follow three rules

1. Pay attention to the crowd.

Muscle Building Or Diet? For the one you need one Excess calories, for the other one Calorie deficit. Both go with peanut butter. But dose it so that it meets your goal.

2. Peanut butter yes - carbohydrates no

Carbohydrates cause more insulin to be released. insulin blocks fat burning and promotes the storage of fats. So if you combine peanut butter and carbohydrates, the healthy effect of peanut butter is reversed.

3. Sugar, trans fats and quality

Peanut butter is often added to sugar. Whether white sugar, agave sweetness, honey or raw cane sugar. Sugar remains sugar. Sugar is made up of carbohydrates - see rule number 2. Also Organic quality is an important quality feature for responsible processing of peanuts. This is the only way to get the full nutritional kick.

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