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3 unusual tricks for more Twitch followers

Would you like more Twitch followers and views? No problem. We found three extraordinary ways just like you quickly more viewers on Twitch. You can do all the tricks within the next 24 hours, they are not illegal and not expensive, or even free of charge.

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Now more Twitch followers and views

1. Have it hosted by smaller streamers

Spend some time contacting small streamers - anything between 1 and 5 average views will do this trick. You can find channels under the corresponding hashtags on Twitch and easily on Facebook in the many Twitch, Youtube Creator or even Sub4Sub groups. If you're fast, you can find about two channels per minute. If you do that for half a day, you could find up to 600 mini channels. Save them in a list.

You can now use the other half of the day to write a nice message to the many streamers. You have to convince her to host you. The best thing to do is to say that you are just starting to stream, that you are new, and that you are hoping for their support. In return, you can also give them a follow etc., say that you are linking them somewhere, that you will also host them in the future, etc., but that doesn't have to be the case. Streamers with such small channels rarely host someone and usually don't charge for it. You can always copy the message into the new chats using "copy and paste". It shouldn't be longer than a few lines. Of course, you should always change the salutation (or name) so that it looks better.

Even if one in eight replies, and one in two does what you want, that's almost 75 hosts. If they each have an average of 3 views, that's up to 225 potential viewers for your next stream. Whether these views become followers depends on the content on your channel.

2. Generate more followers for Twitch via dating apps

You can get to know new people through dating apps. So far nothing new. So the idea is to tell these new contacts about your own streaming channel and then get them to watch the stream. Of course, this requires the right dating app and a clever cover letter:

It takes less than ten minutes to download the most important dating apps. In addition to the classic Tinder, there are also haters and (unfortunately we had to remove the link and the naming of another platform) especially for gamers in German-speaking countries. The advantage of haters is that people are matched by interests and disinterest, i.e. you can quickly get in Contact with other gamers. That means more Twitch followers for you quickly!

Pro tip: With a female, very good-looking e.g. Anime character with a particularly ... great charisma in the profile picture, you should have a good number of new contacts on Hater, Tinder and within a few hours (e.g. overnight) who would like to chat with you .

Spend breakfast, school, university or the "working hours" in the office (i.e. the boring part of the day) chatting with all the new contacts from tip 1 and tip 2. The question will quickly arise "what you do“- your answer: I am planning a stream and tinkering with it… or: I want to become a streamer etc. etc. - most of them will Watch stream want. If you accepted the pro tip before but IRL are not a sexy anime character, now would be the right time to come up with a good excuse; D.

3. Promote your own best-of video with Facebook Adds

Use a free editing program (imovie or similar) for a short Best of to create from your previous material. If you don't have your own material yet, make a video in VLOG style and talk about what you plan to do in the stream, how and what you play, which ones special highlights you planned etc.

Upload the video to your (own) Facebook page and advertise it with the largest possible advertising budget, for example 30 euros over 7 days. If possible, create different short videos for different audiences and run the advertising a few days apart. Prominently link your Twitch channel in the first three lines of the post, and give people a good reason why they might be interested in your channel. It can help if some of your friends write positive comments under the videos and like them, then other users who don't know you are more likely to comment.

That's it from the emport team! Did you like the tips for getting more Twitch followers? Do you have any better tips for getting views, subscriptions and more followers on Twitch? Write it in the comments!