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- Title: Lady Midnight - The Dark Powers - Author: Cassandra Clare - Type of audio book: 2 MP3 CD's, 1388 minutes book for young people, ages 14+ - Publisher: der Hörverlag - Released: May 17, 2016 - Price: 9.99 Euro author Cassandra Clare is an international bestselling author. Her books have been sold over 50 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 35 languages. The two series "Chronicles of the Underworld" and "Chronicles of the Shadowhunters" are among her greatest successes and are on bestseller lists around the world. Her new series, the "Chronicles of the Dark Forces", was also a great success. Cassandra Clare lives in Massachusetts, USA. Spokesman Simon Jäger, born in 1972, is a. the German voice of Matt Damon and Heath Ledger. In addition, the sought-after dubbing and audio book speaker works as a dialogue book author and director. Simon Jäger has already read "The Dark Alleys of Heaven" and "Happy Hour in Hell" by Tad Williams for Hörverlag. Blurb She will never forget the day her parents died. 17-year-old Emma Carstairs was just a child when they were murdered and the war was raging. The creatures of the underworld fought each other to the limit, and the shadowhunters, the archenemies of the demons, were almost completely wiped out. But Emma does not believe to this day that her parents were victims of this dark war, but that they died for some other puzzling reason. It has been five years and Emma has found refuge in the Shadowhunters Institute in Los Angeles. A mysterious series of murders causes great unrest in the underworld. Corpses are found again and again, littered with old characters, similar characters to those found on the bodies of Emma's parents. Emma has to follow this trail, even if she puts her closest confidante and soul mate Julian Blackthorn in great danger ... Here you can listen All information again under ... My opinion ... ... about the cover: I really like the cover beautiful. It fits the book and the colors are well chosen. ... about the book: What would you do if your parents were murdered and the killer is still at large. What if you knew that you were never allowed to make your great love public, because otherwise you would have to reckon with difficult knot sequences. And what if you found out that your "family" is not who you think they are? This is exactly what Emma Carstairs has to deal with. She faces choices that will affect her whole life. So first of all a big thank you to the Hörverlag for the review copy. At first I was a bit skeptical as I hadn't read or heard a Cassandra Clare book and didn't know if I would get into the story as I had no prior knowledge of the Shadowhunters, but I have to say it was next to nothing has made out. Of course I now know a little about the story of Clary and Jace and it's stupid because I wanted to read them too, but that's not bad either :) But: If you mind, you should read the chronicles of the underworld first! Now to the individual figures. I have to say that they all go really well together, even if you think what the idiot wants now? To Emma: She's pretty much the best thing about the story, because without her it wouldn't have degenerated so much. Without her, Julian would probably have lost hope of ever seeing his brother again and would not have managed to keep the institute as it is and the siblings not to be separated. Despite her nice manner, Emma is a fighter and would never give up in a fight because that means weakness for her. And her difficult childhood couldn't affect her either, because she is still obsessed with finding the murderer of her parents and never loses heart. As already mentioned, Julian would never have managed all of this without Emma, ​​because as Parabatai they support each other wherever they can. Julian is sensitive, always careful not to make mistakes and he would like to protect everyone. But that too goes wrong, like so much in his life, and he has to let his siblings and Emma investigate on their own. And then there is Cristina, who represents the calm oasis of the group. She approaches everything calmly and not as hastily as Emma. Often it is she who brings Emma back to calm and talks to Mark about what is going on at the moment. She is one of the most important points of contact for everyone at the institute, because you can trust her. Last but not least, there is Mark. The marrow that belonged to the Wild Hunt until the first dead appeared, including fairies. At first I don't like Mark, but with time you get to know him better and you really love him :) I could now list a lot more people and tell something about them, but there would be too many! Just this much: they're all great and fit perfectly into the story. Now to the plot: At first I thought it wasn't my story and I have to say I was wrong. I liked it so much that I immediately started listening to Lord of Shadows, the second part. The story is exciting from the start and you don't want to stop hearing it. It's not that there are highs and lows, but rather that there are only highs. Of course there are places that are not that exciting, but they are still important. And here we come to the minus point: Unfortunately, I have to say that the story is super great, but I also have to say that it is "difficult" to hear, because you always have to stay focused on the thing. As soon as you don't listen for a moment, you've already missed something and have to hear it again. Of course it's great, because it's always exciting, but unfortunately also a bit stupid, because it makes it really exhausting to hear the story. But I think everyone has a different opinion. What I like, in turn, is that the words that are not so common, such as runes or parabatai, were easy to understand or they were explained. I was really surprised at the end, because I didn't expect that. Many things point to this perpetrator, but you couldn't know for sure until the end and that was good, because you can also puzzle yourself until the end. The writing style is great. It can be read / heard fluently, although there are sometimes a few words where I thought: What does that mean now ?! or how is that pronounced now? (But only because I had borrowed the book to look up a few more things :)) Conclusion: A successful story, but one that still has potential for improvement. 4/5 stars.