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Education and family counseling

In order to implement the precautionary measures to protect against corona infection, we are now also advising you on issues relating to upbringing and family by telephone, in video conferences and via online e-mail.

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Psychological counseling center Spandau, Tel. 030 336 14 29
Education and family advice center Falkensee / Nauen, Tel. 03322 20 13 61

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Good conversations without bureaucracy

The employees of the counseling centers advise, accompany and support parents and families with all questions about upbringing and family. You have an open ear for questions, worries and problems. In conflicts with parents, siblings, teachers, friends or the partner, options for action are developed together.


The employees of the counseling center cover a wide range of topics thanks to their various training courses and professional experience. Questions about life, meaning and belief have their place as well as fears, anger, loneliness, grief and illness.

The most common topics are

  • Overwhelming
  • Parenting difficulties, parenting problems
  • School difficulties, school problems
  • Parenting issues, parenting problems
  • puberty
  • Separation and divorce, contact regulations
  • child development
  • Behavioral problems
  • Violence, abuse

Understand - accompany - seek

We work according to the principle of “helping instead of judging”. We accept everyone as they are. We are interested in their worries, questions, problems and needs and respect their history and values ​​regardless of their worldview, religion, cultural origin or nationality.

Real advice can only be given by those who take the time to understand their counterparts. After a phase of getting to know both the person and their story, we consider together which form of counseling is the most suitable. Depending on the problem, the consultations take place as

  • Individual advice,
  • Couple counseling,
  • Family counseling or
  • Group counseling

instead of. In individual cases, we refer those seeking advice to other facilities, institutions or psychotherapeutic practices.

Personal responsibility

Each person bears responsibility for himself and in cooperation with one another, also for his fellow human beings. In the consulting process, we work together and in partnership to improve the problem situation. Personal communications in the consultation process are subject to confidentiality. Advice can only be successful with the necessary trust.

Advisory and therapeutic offers

  • Advice on family problems and problems with upbringing
  • Advice on separation and divorce
  • Advice on contact and child rights as part of psychological advice
  • Crisis intervention
  • Family therapy
  • Individual advice for children and young people
  • Outreach parenting and family counseling

The "learning team"

As consultants, we learn from those seeking advice by adapting to changing requirements. In professional exchange with one another, we benefit from our various therapeutic, psychological and socio-educational training courses.


Psychological counseling center Spandau (Neustadt) | Kirchhofstrasse 30 | 13585 Berlin
Tel .: 030 336 14 29 (Flyer)

Psychological counseling center Spandau (Siemensstadt) | Goebelstrasse 135 | 13629 Berlin
Tel .: 030 30 10 51 15

Falkensee educational and family counseling center | Handelallee 11 | 14612 Falkensee
Tel .: 03322 20 13 61

Education and family counseling center Nauen | in the family and generation center Nauen | Ketziner Str. 1 | 14641 Nauen
(Registration via the Falkensee counseling center, Tel .: 03322 20 13 61)

Friesack Education and Family Advice Center | Marktstrasse 22 | 14662 Friesack
(Registration via the Falkensee counseling center, Tel .: 03322 · 20 13 61)



Flyer education and family counseling in Falkensee, Nauen and Friesack

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