How many women does Sylvester Stallone have

Sylvester Stallone in a black long-sleeved T-shirt at the Hyatt in Cologne. He pushed up his sleeves and well: those arms! Incidentally, he has very nice eyes, a vulnerable man whose smile says: Well, who do we have here! The voice? There is no such depth again. Like a cassette recorder running out of juice. In the open adjoining room sits a strict lady in a Missoni costume: his agent. Is she in? That doesn't really work. If the conversation touches sensitive areas (politics!), She interrupts her SMS orgy, looks up from her cell phone - and her eyes send needle-thin laser beams into our room.

SZ: Mister Stallone, will you allow me to climb aboard in a rather ruthless manner?

Stallone: Go ahead. No mercy.

SZ: When a 60-year-old ex-action star makes a film about how a 60-year-old ex-boxing star gets into the battle of his life - how big is the risk of embarrassing himself?

Stallone: Obvious question. Immediately asked every 30 minutes.

SZ: Forgiveness.

Stallone: No problem. Give the answer to your rhetorical question yourself!

Stallone's biography

Sylvester Stallone was born in New York in 1946 with nerve paralysis in a difficult family situation. Twelve schools expelled the boy, and eventually he ended up in a high school for hard-to-raise children. His unprecedented career began in 1976 with the Oscar-winning low-budget film "Rocky", for which he also wrote the screenplay. Stallone then made headlines in the 80s with action films that made him a fortune and were panned by criticism - there were also considerable private escapades. Then in the nineties Stallone amazed with ambitious films like "Cop Land", in which he shone in the role of a hunted police officer alongside Robert de Niro. To reanimate his career, he renounced the usual million dollar pay and was paid at a daily rate of $ 1,000. Sylvester Stallone has been married to Jennifer Flavin for the third time since 1997, and the couple now have three children. From his first marriage, Stallone has two children, including an autistic son. Sylvester Stallone lives in Los Angeles. "Rocky Balboa" opens on February 8th in Germany.

SZ: The danger of embarrassing yourself grandly is overwhelming.

Stallone: That's the way it is.

SZ: Didn't anyone warn you? Or do you not listen to advisors?

Stallone: Yes, one thing in particular: my wife. As you know, I am married to a smart and beautiful woman.

SZ: Jennifer Flavin.

Stallone: So - and this wonderful woman, the mother of my wonderful children, she said: "Sly, you are crazy, you will embarrass yourself to the bone with this film, let it be!"

SZ: Don't you listen to your wife?

Stallone: All the time. I am a smart man. Smart men marry smart women and then listen to them. Unfortunately, I didn't just marry smart women. But in the last attempt it was. She is the boss. But now, for once, I didn't listen to her. Should i have

SZ: "Rocky VI" is one of the most beautiful and moving films that I have ever seen. . . If we had cleared that up too.

Stallone: Thank you. You make me very happy with this compliment.

SZ: You don't need it. Your film is a tremendous success in the USA.

Stallone: Some of my films have been amazing successes. At the checkout. You understand . . .

SZ: . . . let's get to these films in a moment. . .

Stallone: . . . oh, if you ask me, there is no rush at all.

SZ: "Rocky VI" tells a story very laconically. . . The dignity?

Stallone: You answer your questions yourself.

SZ: Mmm. . .

Stallone: Don't be embarrassed. Wasn't meant to be angry. You are an analyst.

SZ: We were with dignity.

Stallone: Yes. Do you know what my wife said when I was stubborn enough to tackle the movie? She said, "Sly, no tricks, no fucking vanities, forget the lights, the camera, just tell this story about a guy who wants to know it again!" And you're right, it's a simple story about dignity like the first "Rocky" - 30 years ago.

SZ: You are the author of both films and you are clearly reflecting on your own life. What do you want to tell people?

Stallone: The dignity is big on top, okay? Did you say she does.

SZ: Exactly.

Stallone: Well. In 1976 it's about a young outsider, a guy from the street who gets his chance, who loses the great fight, but with dignity. What he finds is what's more important than winning this fight.

SZ: Love.

Stallone: He finds love - for a terribly shy, but smart and loving girl named Adrian. Now, 30 years later, Adrian is dead. Rocky Balboa is lonely. He has become alienated, from the world, even from his own son. I wanted to make a film about loneliness. And about age. In America the elderly stand on every street corner and babble to themselves. We don't care about each other anymore.

SZ: What loneliness are you talking about?

Stallone: When you lose a loved one. When the death of such a person drops them. If society doesn't catch them. If society just watches their fall.

SZ: Is that what you see in America?