What is ombre hair

Ombre Hair - This is how you conjure up the trendy color effect yourself

Ombre hair is one of the trend hairstyles that still prevail years later. If you are also interested in special color effects in your hair, you will not get around ombre hair. Here we show you how you can make ombre hair yourself.

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What is ombre hair?

Ombre Hair describes the technique of a special color gradient in the hair. Typical of ombre hair are a dark base and light tips. How strong the color contrast between the roots and the tips is, is up to your personal taste. In the case of dark blonde hair, for example, platinum blonde tips can be dyed. You can give brown hair accents in red if you want it to be less noticeable, for example in a warm caramel shade.

So if you want to try something new, but don't want to completely change your hair color right away, ombre hair offers you a stylish alternative. The gradient in ombre hair can practically with all color nuances are implemented and you don't have to worry about an outgrowing approach here. Constant re-dyeing is not necessary here - a big plus point of this dyeing technique. So if you want a particularly easy-care trend style, Omrbe Hair is the best choice.

In addition, you can wear ombre hair with practically any hair length, whether brown medium length or a classic hairstyle like the bob, which also gains interesting sophistication through ombre hair. The dyeing technique is also suitable for almost any hair color.

The only exception here is very light blonde tones. If your blonde is already very light, the tips cannot be highlighted in an even lighter shade as a contrast. In this case, however, you can use the ombre hair dyeing technique in reverse. So you wear the roots lightly and color the tips darker. This style is also known as the two-tone look or reverse ombre, among other things.

Make ombre hair yourself - step by step

Tired of going to the hairdresser? Then you can also do ombre hair yourself. We'll show you the best way to do this here.


First of all, you have to lighten the ends of your hair if you want to do ombre hair yourself. To do this, choose a hair color that is about 1 to 2 shades lighter than your starting color. A harmonious color gradient without too blatant color differences makes the look appear more natural. If your original hair color is dark, you have to bleach the corresponding hair sections first. Only then does the desired color really come through in the tips.

Pay attention to the instructions on the packaging of the bleaching whether the selected hair color is also suitable for your starting tone. You should also have a coloring brush on hand. Mix the color according to the instructions for use. Both during bleaching and later dyeing, plastic or latex gloves should not be missing to protect your hands.

Make ombre hair yourself - step by step

Dye ombre hair

Step 1:

Think about the height from which you want to dye the lower part of the hair. With shorter hair it looks nice to work in the color from about ear height, with longer hair you can only start dyeing from chin height. In general, it is advisable to start dyeing further down. If the color gradient starts too high up, it quickly looks like an outgrown approach rather than a deliberately incorporated color gradient.

Step 2:

In the next step, you should brush the hair well and divide it into different sections. Now hold each braid that has been divided in this way together with a rubber band. Now tease the hair at the point where you want to start dyeing. In this way you mark the starting point for the ombre effect. Now you can apply the bleaching.

Step 3:

With each braid you first remove the hair tie. Start with the tips and slowly work your way up until you have reached the area of ​​the teased hair. Check in the mirror that you have colored all the strands evenly from both sides.

Step 4:

Then let the bleaching act according to the instructions for use. The longer you let the agent act, the lighter the result will be. Then you can wash your hair thoroughly and clean it with a silver shampoo to prevent a green cast.

Step 5:

After the hair has dried, the actual color can now be applied to the now lightened tips. For this, too, you divide your hair into different sections that you hold together with hair ties. Mix your desired color according to the packaging instructions and then apply it hair section by section to the already bleached tips. Always go a little beyond the bleaching so that nothing can be seen later. The instructions for use on the packaging tell you how long the paint should take effect. Since the hair has already been bleached, the time it takes for the color to take effect will not be too long.

Step 6:

Then wash off the color and use a gentle shampoo to wash your hair. Since your hair has just been bleached and dyed, you can also look forward to a moisturizing care program.

Step 3: proper care for ombre hair

Proper care for ombre hair

As always when you chemically lighten your hair, the hair, in this case the ends of the hair, is particularly stressed. So pamper your tips weekly with a hair treatment or mask to give them an extra dose of care. In stores you will also find special top-quality fluids that offer additional care and protection. It is also advisable not to postpone the next visit to the hairdresser too long, but instead to have the tips trimmed regularly.

Also make sure to always apply a heat protection spray before blow-drying, straightening, etc. When washing your hair, we recommend that you use shampoo and conditioner that are specially tailored to the needs of colored hair. In this way, the color luster can also be preserved longer.

What is the difference between ombre, balayage and foilaye?

Of course, ombre hair isn't the only coloring technique that attracts attention. So you may have asked yourself how ombre hair, balayage and foilaye differ from each other. Here is a brief overview:

Ombre hair

When dyeing, start at about chin level, or a little lower if necessary. It is typical of ombre hair that the ends of the hair are finally completely lightened, so it is not only worked in strands. With this technique, more intense contrasts are possible, ideal for those who want more striking color effects.

Balayage technique

With the help of a brush you work your way up strand by strand freehand. The strands are of different lengths and widths. The hairdresser makes the individual decision on how to design the highlight look most beneficial for you. In this case, freehand means that there is no special coloring scheme that the hairdresser follows. The dyeing is also done here without aluminum foil. With this dyeing technique, a color is usually chosen that is only 2 to 3 shades lighter than your basic hair color. It is also not colored directly at the hairline. An uncolored approach also means for you that you have to re-color less often.


Foilaye offers a little bit of everything. This is a combination of the film strand technique and the freehand technique in balayage. Here you first use the brush to edit individual strands. Then you focus again on the tips, which are specially lightened using foil technology.

Hairstyles with Ombre Hair

Of course, ombre hair is a real eye-catcher on its own, but with the right hairstyle, the color effect can be staged even more perfectly. The targeted color gradients make the hair look particularly lively. This effect is further intensified if you conjure up beach waves or curls in your hair. Or gather your hair in a ponytail, this is also how the lightened tips come into their own. Hairstyles in which you put your hair up halfway, such as with the stylish half-bun, are also ideal for emphasizing the color gradient.

What does ombre hair cost?

Of course, the professional always ensures the perfect ombre look. The hairdresser can always advise you which color combination of coloring and natural hair color is best for you. If you are not sure to get the color gradient as beautiful and perfect as you want it for your look, then treat yourself to a visit to the hairdresser. If you let the professional do your ombre hair, you can definitely go with the hairdresser Costs up to 300 euros calculate.

On average, however, around 100 euros should be charged for the desired color effect. The fact that this dyeing technique is a bit more expensive is mainly due to the fact that it usually has to be bleached before the desired color can be applied to the hair. And of course the price mostly depends on your hair length.

Ombre hair with colorful tips?

The nice thing about ombre hair is that you can let your creativity run wild almost indefinitely. You like the trendy granny hair a lot, but wearing your hair all gray in gray would be a bit too much for you? Then just dye the tips gray. The same applies to other trend colors such as lilac, rose or aquamarine or turquoise.

Ombre Hair offers you a great opportunity to approach new colors without having to go straight to the limit when it comes to styling. And shades can even be worked into black hair - red tones look very nice here.