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One size size: One size fits all

36, 38, 40 or S, M or XL? Nothing works in the fashion business without dress sizes. After all, everyone has a different figure, body size, head size, shoe size, etc. But there is also a very special size that brings everything under one roof: One size - or in German 'one size fits all'.Whatactually means "one size", we want to explain here.

At namesbaender.de you will find size labels in different versions:

The clothing size or dress size

The dress size will tooClothing size called. This tries to bring the figures to size and thus make them comparable. ButDress size is not the same dress size: Because different rules apply to a belt than to a T-shirt or jeans. The latter even comes in two sizes: the inside leg length (such as a 32-inch length) and the waist circumference (e.g. 30). This gives the customer a greater choice and so taller / shorter people don't have to worry about too short / too long jeans.

But the set of rules is not legally stipulated. For example, a 38-inch sweater for Label X can be significantly wider than for Label Y. The sizes also vary internationally - including one size. What counts as 36 in Germany is a 38 in France or France. So it is practical not to be spoiled for choice when it comes to certain items of clothing, since only one size is offered anyway, with the aforementionedName One size.

What does one size mean?

In a nutshell, one size - OS for short - is a clothing size that fits most people. Often these are items of clothing that do not stick to the skin, but are allowed to fall a little loosely. These include bathrobes, nightgowns, cardigans, etc. Everything cuddly comes in a one-size-fits-all look, such as hats, gloves, stockings - and the wide-cut poncho, which has now become a true autumn classic. But tops, pants and dresses are also offered in one size - stretch makes it possible. Last but not least: seasonal items such as carnival costumes. These are so special and have a relatively fast expiry time that it would simply not be worthwhile to offer several sizes at the same time for reasons of cost. On such items of clothing you can often find a size label, size label One Size.

By the way, an Italian - and currently very popular with teenagers - fashion label even relies almost exclusively on one-size sizes. The advantage: You don't spend hours in the changing room.

Which size is one size and which clothing is called “one size”?

It should be clear to everyone that not all dress sizes can be covered with a single one. The often used phrase “one size fits all” could thus be reduced to “one size fits most”. Would you like an example? Summer dresses range from size 42 up to and including size 46. If you are also at least 1.55 meters or at most 1.78 meters tall and weigh no less than 43 kilograms or more than 75 kilograms, that should be fit well; maybe not like a glove, but still that you can wear it with confidence. But be careful: These approximate details refer to German clothing with a one-size size label. The whole thing often looks a little different abroad - i.e. smaller - in Italy or China, for example.

As can be seen, one size is not used for children's clothing. You use extra size labels for children.

You can buy labels of different sizes atnamesbaender.de.

Short dress size excursion

In the past, the principle of customization was used. And this was correspondingly expensive - and thus mainly withheld from higher layers. A German siblings wanted to change that and also give low-income people the opportunity to dress inexpensively. Their names: Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer. Does nothing ring? Then let's try the initials of the two gentlemen: C and A - or C&A. The two brothers opened their first department store in Berlin in 1911. A department store in itself was nothing new, department stores had existed for quite a while, but a department store with clothing off the rack was a novelty in Germany at the time. Now even the common street worker could now and then afford something nice to wear. C&A thus democratized clothing by making it affordable.

On which items of clothing did you see the “One Size” label? Drop us a comment below.

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