What is the history of arcade games

The advances in gaming through the decades

It all started with arcade games until the first consoles followed with Nintendo, Playstation and Co. Today, games are even played on smartphones and in virtual reality. We trace the advances in gaming through the decades, taking a look at the greatest achievements.

It all starts in the 1970s

If you are looking for the beginning of gaming, you will find it in 1972. At that time, the first arcade game in history was published and was called Pong. However, it was not yet playable at home, as has become a habit today. Instead, the mostly young players have to walk to restaurants or other stores to see theArcade machines present there to use. People had to wait five long years before they could take home the first newly developed console, the Atari 2600. Spectacular well over 27 million devices were sold around the globe for the standards of the time.In 1979 finally the most successful Atari game is published with Asteroids.
The 1980s are, after all, arguably the most legendary in gaming history, mainly due to two characters who should definitely exert influence. We're talking about Pac-Man and Super Mario, which will hit the market within just under two years. Even if Pac-Man still sets the tone here with 350,000 copies sold (Donkey Kong with 60,000), everyone knows the following developments. To date, new games starring the cunning Italian have been released and continue to sell brilliantly. While the first 61.91 million units of the Nintendo Entertainment System NES were sold in the mid-1980s, computer games were also getting a big boost. Gameboy, Sega Genesis, and SNES are all taking major steps in development.

The first big games

After Mortal Kombat had already enjoyed great success in 1993, it was Warcraft: Orc & Humans that hit the headlines a year later. The PC series is still one of the most popular around the world today and has had this number of fans since 1994. While in particular the introduction of Steam 2003 brings a lot together, the extreme variance on the PC is a great advantage for many gamers. Even in the browser, different games can always be played, be they mini or long-term strategy games. Even the game for real money can be implemented much better than on the console. Casino games like theSlot machine games at William Hill perfect.
While Sony launched the Playstation as early as 1995, today's rival Microsoft and its Xbox will still be there until 2001. Even if the first generation cannot keep up in terms of sales, it is especially the 360 ‚Äč‚Äčthat scores with over 84 million sales. In particular, it brings the first-person shooter to users' screens, be it through Call of Duty or Bioshock. Even more sales than PS3 and Xbox 360 are from2006 the newly developed Wii. For the first time, families and friends can get together and use the remote sensor to play sports and the like in their own living room. The latest trend is now towards mobile gaming. The widespread use of smartphones and tablets makes it possible that games can now be continued anywhere at any time. Who else is talking about arcade?