How did Marilyn Manson die

Marilyn Manson on his dead father, depression and cats

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson has suffered many losses in his private environment in recent years. In the interview he talks about his father, his cats and depression.

Marilyn Manson concerts sometimes took a bloody or at least painful course, but that was not planned: At a concert in New York City, part of the stage decoration - two oversized pistols - fell on the controversial US musician. The gig was canceled and the 48-year-old shock rocker was taken to a clinic. Manson had to cancel nine appearances as a result of the accident, but the Germany concerts from mid-November are not in danger as things stand. At the interview a few weeks before the incident in New York, Brian Warner, alias Marilyn Manson, presented himself in top form - at least physically. There is a new album, "Heaven Upside Down" (can be ordered here at Amazon) - the opportunity to brush the dust off the satanic Bible again.

It's late afternoon. Marilyn Manson sits in the dim basement bar of Berlin's Soho House and has a seat. There is an exuberant hug to greet them. The enfant terrible of the US rock scene is on a cuddle course, which is unusual, but understandable after the recent blows of fate. His mother died four years ago, and so did his father in the spring. The singer, artist and actor had a good relationship with both of them: "My dad and I were often partying with my friends," recalls the rock star. "But my dad had cancer. He was resuscitated the night before he died. In the morning I had to make the decision to turn off the equipment."

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Manson, the cat lover

Despite this tragic story, Manson has to grin. "His sister was holding one hand while he was doing the other, at his best. I'm telling you this because my dad would be happy if the whole world knew that he died with his hand on his cock." Manson tips over some vodka and shows on his cell phone who he is currently crying at at night: "I have these guys here." He refers to a picture with two gray tabby cats. "This is William White Boy Manson and Rusty Manson. They are brothers, very smart and intuitive. They know exactly when I'm sad and when I'm happy." There were also losses for Manson on the cat front: his snow-white beauty Lily White passed away a year ago.

"I miss her very much, but there is a lot of Lily in my two cats." One would like to hug and comfort Manson, whom one rarely experiences so warmly. But he does that himself with the vodka. "I've learned to deal with grief. I just do something that makes me happy. Most of the time it has to do with music." Sometimes with Johnny Depp too. The two are close friends: "We are like brothers and support each other wherever we can. We both had an identical tattoo all over our backs. It is a drawing by Charles Baudelaire of a tree with a skeleton. That we keep our backs free, so it should be taken literally. " Manson shows a couple of private black and white shots of himself with the Hollywood actor on his cell phone. "No tail photos," says Manson with a laugh.

Although Manson once revealed to the American "Rolling Stone" that he needed sex several times a day, the self-proclaimed God of Fuck looks like a real gentleman in the interview. Brian Hugh Warner, who was born in Canton, Ohio in 1969, has already looked into some abysses. Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington are the rock circus' youngest victims of depression - Manson is a survivor. "I really am! But when you're depressed and someone says, 'Hey, you're great,' it actually makes it worse. Because the problem with depression is, you know you can be better, but you can't do it. When I have moments like this today, I say to myself, 'Fuck it, I'll just do it!'

Angry, strong, and confident

It was with this attitude that Marilyn Manson's tenth album "Heaven Upside Down" was created. The 48-year-old Gesamtkunstwerk is certain that his father would have loved the new work. "Because it's the most compelling record I've ever made. He passed his faith on to me." As on the previous album "The Pale Emperor" from 2015, Manson worked with the soundtrack composer Tyler Bates in Los Angeles. "Tyler and I asked ourselves at the beginning of the recording: 'Why don't we make music like what we heard when we were 21?' The Cure, Joy Division, Ministry - those are bands that weren't necessarily commercial back then, but incredibly inspiring. We then interpreted them very freely. "

The new songs sound angry, strong and confident. It is possibly the best Manson in what feels like two decades. In his music, the shock rocker finally seems dangerous again, even if you realize how vulnerable the private Manson is. Topics such as violence, sex, politics and romance run through the pieces, in which the musician has not sought confrontation like in a long time - for example in the single "We Know Where You Fucking Live". Manson: "The message is pretty clear, isn't it? Don't be kidding me or anyone close to me. Otherwise I will play badly with you."

With new enemy images like Donald Trump, the "Sons Of Anarchy" actor has obviously found his mojo again. "That's right, such images of the enemy help," confirms the artist. "But strangely enough, I said the same thing when George W. Bush came to power. Because the system never changes. America is America. Since I published 'Antichrist Superstar' in 1996, I've never had as many déjà-vus as I have today . And every time I knew what was going to happen next. "

"I can't help other people's imaginations"

In Manson's video for the song "Say10", published in November 2016, you see a decapitated man lying on the floor who is very similar to the current US president. "I can't help other people's imaginations," he says, dismissing himself and refusing to be pinned down. "Before the election, I was asked again and again: 'How will this end?' The video was my answer. Beyond that, I don't want to make a political statement with the record. " Then another vodka.

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