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When do birds learn to fly

You are looking for information on when and how birds learn to fly, I can help you. Many birds learn to fly in the nest. Small birds learn to fly faster than large birds. This is because they are lighter and their feathers do not take as long to fully mature. Birds that are nestling learn to fly in the nest by training their flight muscles. There are many songbirds that can fly after just 14 days. Large birds of prey, on the other hand, can only fly after 90 days, such as eagles. In order for a bird to be able to fly at all, it is important that its skeleton is very light. Why is a bird skeleton so light? The bones are hollow. Young birds learn to fly together with their siblings. And what it looks like when birds train their flight muscles, I'll show you some pictures.

Picture to birds learn to fly together

Many birds learn to fly in the forest, in the city, in the mountains and on meadows. Birds, whether large or small, start training their flight muscles every day so that they can quickly learn to fly and leave their nest. But there is more to learning to fly, the feathers. A bird cannot fly without the feathers. There he can train the flight muscles as much as he wants. Many species of birds can fly after just 14 days and other species only after 125 days. Birds that cannot fly are vulnerable and often fall prey to their predators. You can find out how quickly each bird learns to fly under all birds - nestling duration or nestling time.

Pictures of birds learn to fly - when and how does the bird learn to fly

In the second picture you can also see how the feathers start to grow. When the hand and arm feathers are almost fully grown, the bird suddenly takes off in the nest while exercising its flight muscles on a daily basis. And what it looks like, plus a new picture.

Birds learn to fly together - when and how does the bird learn to fly

Do birds learn to fly alone? No! Many birds train their flight muscles together, and it can happen that a bird leaves the nest prematurely even though it cannot yet fly. Now a few pictures where you can see how birds learn to fly together.

Pictures of birds learn to fly - When birds learn to fly together

When birds learn to fly together in the nest, it can happen that a bird leaves the nest involuntarily. If you find such a bird, put the young bird back in its nest or let it sit. Almost all birds continue to be fed by their parents on the ground, except e.g. the red kite. But there are also many birds that roam on the ground for months until they can fly. These include those who flee from the nest, such as the Limikolen, the ducks, the geese and also owls.

Pictures of birds learn to fly - When birds learn to fly together

Every year there are numerous young birds that sit on the ground and jip or beep. Make them scream and do not take them with you, because their parents will continue to feed them. I'll show you a small fieldfare that sits on the ground. Do you think she can already fly? Yes, it can fly. Nevertheless, many such young birds end up in rearing stations every year and that is not a must.

Bild zu Jungvogel can already fly - when and how does the bird learn to fly

Many birds leave their nest even though they are not yet able to fly properly. Then one speaks of branches. You are still a little insecure about flying. They are provided with food by their parents and they always fly a little bit after their parents in the area. In doing so, they learn how to fly close to sitting areas and how to fly safely between the bushes.

Pictures of birds learn to fly - when and how does the bird learn to fly

Many birds perish in the first few months because they have not yet mastered safe flight, and many young birds also fall victim to predators. They are attacked by predators not only in the air, but also on the ground. It is all the more important that the birds learn to fly undisturbed. Birds have different flight techniques, e.g. gliding, nosedive or rowing flight. The birds also have to learn to handle their speed. The airspeed is much lower than that in a dive. Many birds reach a flight speed of 60-100 km / h. In a dive, the speed is a lot higher, such as a swift 200 km / h, a golden eagle 260 km / h and a peregrine falcon even reaches a speed of 350 km / n.

Pictures of birds learn to fly

Nowadays it happens more and more that the parents cannot find food or the food is poisoned by pesticides. Many birds do not even learn to fly, they die in the nest or before they have learned to fly.
Forests are also being cleared more and more, and fewer and fewer birds can breed.
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Pictures of birds learn to fly - when and how does the bird learn to fly

Birds that can't fly

Frequently asked questions: A flightless bird is sitting on the ground, what should I do? It depends on whether it is a young bird or an adult bird. Is it injured and therefore cannot fly, or is it a young bird that has just taken a break? More on the subject of flightless birds under sick and injured birds.

Image of flightless bird - bird loses feathers

There are many reasons why birds become flightless. Often through poisoning, through disorders, through diseases, through feather mites and through moulting (shock moulting). But there are also some birds that have become flightless through evolution. Such as the ostrich, the emu, the kiwifruit, the penguins, the rhea and the dodo. More about the flightless bird at:

Image of flightless bird - bird without arm and hand feathers

Frequently asked questions about flying

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Pictures of my observations

Pictures of my observations - when and where do birds learn to fly

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