Do all Albanians speak Italian

Is Albanian Related to Other Languages?

Yes, Albanian is definitely related to other languages; namely with the other Indo-European languages ​​of Europe, that is, with Latin, German, the neighboring Serbo-Croatian, Greek, etc. However, Albanian has no very close relatives. German, for example, has close relatives such as Swedish, Dutch or English, all of which also belong to the Germanic language family. Latin also had close relatives, like Oscar and Umbrian. But these died out quickly. In contrast, we have no close relatives at all for Albanian. Albanian is therefore a separate branch within the Indo-European language family and in this respect is definitely something special. As an Albanian you can be proud of it if you want to. It is interesting that Albanian is obviously a linguistic island between the surrounding countries Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia etc. One can also imagine that there used to be other languages ​​that were more closely related to Albanian. One speculates because there were Illyrian inscriptions in Roman times. And there is the idea that these languages ​​formerly related to Albanian may have died out when the Slavs immigrated from the northeast and Bulgarian was formed there, and also the Greeks from the south advanced further north. The Romanians, for example, speak a Romance language,

So there can be language islands like Albanian, due to migrations?