What makes a Broadway star

Narcissus 'Broadway Star'


With a size of 30 cm to 35 cm, the Narcissus 'Broadway Star' has an upright habit. The width of the Narcissus 'Broadway Star' is about 10 cm to 15 cm.


The leaves of Narcissus 'Broadway Star' are linear.


In April, the daffodil 'Broadway Star' bears its clusters of flowers and lets them spread their pleasant scent. These are wheel-shaped or tubular and beautifully orange to white in color.


The optimal place for the daffodil 'Broadway Star' should be sunny.


This plant should be planted in well drained, loose, and nutrient-rich soil.

Water requirement

The water requirement is normal.

Frost hardiness

The daffodil 'Broadway Star' is considered frost hardy.


This plant is often used as a container plant, but also as a cut plant, for group planting or in the cottage garden.

Planting partner

The daffodil 'Broadway Star' harmonizes best in combination with Muscari.

Care tip

Good to know:
This plant does not tolerate heavy soil. If necessary, improve the soil structure when planting by incorporating sand and ripe compost.

Sowing and planting

The bulbs or tubers are best planted between September and December, about 15 cm to 20 cm deep in the ground.

useful information

The 'Broadway Star' daffodil is poisonous!