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Catalog of fines - vehicle defects: If the vehicle does not comply with the rules

Fines - Defective vehicle

Provide the official license plate with glass, foils or similar covers065.-
Motor vehicle (except moped) or trailer with worn tires put into operation160.-
- Ditto as commissioning operator arranged or approved
Vehicle or trailer put into operation with inadequate connection equipment190.-
- Arranged or approved as a commissioning holder1135.-
Vehicle driven with worn tires160.-
- at risk175.-
Exceeding the deadline for the TÜV main inspection by more than 8 months160.-
Vehicle or the trailer is put into operation on the public road
- without the required operating permit050.-

Have the costs for vehicle defects calculated using the fine calculator

If you stopped by the policebecause you were driving a vehicle with defects, you can have the corresponding fine calculated here. Simply select the offense you are accused of in the fine calculator, click on "Calculate" and the calculator will show you what costs you have to reckon with in your case.

In a nutshell: What about vehicle defects?

Why is it so important to pay attention to vehicle defects?

Only vehicles that are roadworthy are allowed to participate in traffic. Vehicle defects can impair this road safety.

How do I keep an eye on the security status of my vehicle?

In order to guarantee this, the main inspection should generally be carried out every two years.

What vehicle defects are there?

Vehicle defects can be, for example, insufficient tire tread depth, too many exhaust emissions or impermissible modifications (tuning).

What sanctions are there for vehicle defects?

It depends on the type of deficiency. Our table of fines gives an overview.

What vehicle defects should you watch out for?

Anyone who drives their vehicle on the streets should regularly check it for damage. Otherwise does he not only pose a risk to himselfbut also one Endangering general traffic safety.

Because to ensure the safety in road traffic, are allowed according to the traffic law only vehicles whose condition is deemed to be roadworthy take part in road traffic. In this context, the regular general inspections (HU), which are intended to uncover any vehicle defects, must also be completed.

In the following, we briefly explain which possible vehicle defects you have to pay particular attention to and what fine, points and, if applicable, driving ban According to the catalog of fines you would expect in 2021.

Do you know the correct tread depth?

The legal minimum tread depth in Germany is 1.6 mm. The entire tire must have this dimension. If the tires are worn on one side, a tire change is required. Professionals recommend meanwhile for a better grip on the road the following minimum tread depths:

  • Tread depth for winter tires: 4 mm
  • Tread depth for summer tires: 3 mm

If a driver is driving a vehicle whose tires are worn (even if tires are worn on one side), next to the A fine of 60 euros was also booked in Flensburg.

Furthermore, according to the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO), a Winter tires compulsory, i.e. that in winter conditions the traffic law prohibits the use of winter tires (also M + S tires - Mud and snow) provides. Drive with summer tires in winter or in winter conditions, you can expect a Fine of 60 euros and a point in Flensburg.

Exhaust and emission tests (AU)

Certain regulations also apply to the exhaust according to traffic law. As a rule, however, the exhaust system is checked as part of the emissions test as part of the general inspection.

The Exhaust emissions have been part of the general inspection since 2010, in which vehicles are tested for their environmental compatibility by determining the vehicle's emission behavior. If you exceed the deadlines for the AU or HU, you will be charged a fine. At a Exceeding more than eight months, comes next to that Fine of 60 euros also added a point in Flensburg.

If your vehicle's exhaust is rusted, it should be replaced. Finally hires rusted exhaust not only poses a threat to road safety, but carries the risk of an accidentbecause, for example, a rusted muffler can fall off while driving.

It can also be the case that a rusted exhaust pipe is the Gases generated while driving, no longer outside, but into the interior of the vehicle. As a driver, you should therefore pay attention to your exhaust.

Note: One Exhaust bandage or form an exhaust putty in the event of damage temporary solutions only. In any case, the exhaust system should be replaced as soon as possible.

What is a dB killer and what punishment is there for driving without a dB killer or for manipulation?

The db killer (decibel killer) is a Part of the muffler and serves to decrease the volume of the engine and to keep them below the legally permitted limit. Hence this is Driving without a dB killer is prohibited according to the StVO. Otherwise, the vehicle owner can expect fines according to traffic law.

Some drivers also manipulate their exhaust systems and use, for example, an unapproved silencer, remove the db-killer or similar from an approved silencer.Your vehicle will then be louder than permitted. The driver then awaits a Fine of at least 90 euros. If you drive with "excessive noise development", the driver expects a fine of 20 euros. In the event of noise pollution, the fine increases again to 30 euros.

Further facts in this context can for example also the expiry of the operating license (ABE) if you drive a vehicle with a specially developed db-killer. In this case you would have to pay a fine of 50 euros. And continue to arise as a result Damage to the environment through the emissions, the fines increase to 180 euros. For other violations, you are welcome to use our fine calculator 2021.

And finally the general inspection

To a certain Guarantee the standard of the vehicles, there are regular main inspections in which any technical Vehicle damage should be recognized and repaired in good time.

How are the deadlines for the HU regulated?
According to traffic law, a car does not have to undergo a general inspection for the first time after 3 years after it has been registered for the first time. Thereafter, the examination interval is 2 years. But beware! Because the deadlines also depend on the type of vehicle and the use of the vehicle.

Should you exceed the deadline for the main inspection, expect fines and possibly points. In order to save you this, you should inquire about the deadlines in advance. The next You can find out the HU date as follows:

  1. The inspection sticker is attached to the license plate at the rear of the vehicle. It shows the date for the next HU appointment. In the middle of the badge is the year. The numbers around it are the months January to December.
  2. Alternatively, you can use a Take a look at the vehicle registration document. The next date can also be read there.
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Catalog of fines - vehicle defects: If the vehicle does not comply with the rules
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