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PMI-PMP®: The new exam

To date there are more than a million PMP certificationswhat makes them the most widely used in the world Certification makes. Along with the release of new PMBoK® editions is from Project Management Institute® (PMI) also the PMP exam updated.


When does the new review take effect?

The new PMP exam is valid from January 2nd, 2021. As a reminder: It has been possible since April 2020 to use the PMP exam to file online. It takes 3/4 days to get one Online exam date to find.
So you can quickly find a place in one Examination center Find.

The exam is accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Why such a change?

The PMI follows a certain one processto this Auditing standard to develop further.
The new test is reflected in a document called "PMP examination content outline" contrary.
This is the preferred document for Preparation for the PMP exam (available as pdf).

This change is made in order to improve the accreditation of the PMI maintain.
PMI follows two standards, ISO 17024 and ISO 9001, and must meet certain requirements.

Hence this is PMI obliged to do one every 4/5 years survey perform on site to familiarize yourself with Professionals in the Branch to meet and understand what their needs are, which Knowledge is required which Skills are needed and what the daily tasks of one Project manager are.

These survey makes it possible PMIto conduct a worldwide market study from which the PMI updated its certification to accommodate the Examine the needs best reflected on site.


What changes in the PMP exam?

These Outline the Exam content are currently up to 31.12.2020 valid and reflect 5 areas and 42 tasks contrary.


The survey identified Market developments and Trends.

PMBOK 7.output and the new one Verification reflect the Reality on site and take into account the factthat today's Project management professionals in a variety of Project environments work and different Project approaches use.

The new PMP certification will reflect this and approaches from the whole Range of added value integrate. About half of the exam represents predictive Project management and the other half represents agile or hybrid approaches.

These approaches extend over the three above mentioned areas and are not on a specific area or one specific task isolated.


The 3 new areas

The three new domains are now on that PMITalent triangle matched, the im PMBOK 6th Edition is presented.


We find:

. The People area
14 tasks - 42% of the considered questions.
It's about guide, Conflict management, management of virtual teams, emotional intelligence, soft skills.

. The process domain (processes)
17 tasks - 50% of the questions to be examined.
It covers everyone Processes with the 10 PMBOK-Areas of knowledge, the appropriate project management approach, governance and value.

. The business environment domain
4 tasks - 8%
of the questions to be examined.
It covers Compliance, Profit realization, organizational changes and the external environment and connects the strategy of the organization with the project.

Here is an example:


Format of the new PMP exam

The new exam includes:

  • 180 questions (200 for the previous exam), but the same number of questions will be graded
  • 230 minutes for the exam
  • Two 10-minute breaks
  • The questions are a combination of Multiple choice questions, Multiple answer questions, Assignment questions, Hotspot questions and questions with limited Answer scope.


Requirements for the new PMP exam

Before registering for the exam, the participant must ensure that the following requirements are met:

If you have a four-year or higher degree:

  • Have more than 36 months of experience in project management,
  • 35 hours of training in project management *.

Unless :

  • A high school degree
  • More than 60 months of experience in project management
  • 35 hours of training in project management *.

* The 35 hours Project management training are through the QRP PMP preparation courses covered.


How can I prepare for the exam?


The PMI provides a list of recommended documents and Booksthat you at the preparation help.

QRP simply advises you to download the 6th edition of the PMBOK to read (in the Training costs included) while you wait for the 7th edition of the PMBOK waiting, which is planned for 2021, as well as the Agile Practice Guide.


Training kit (included in the training costs)

The PMI now offers a complete Training kit on the basis of the new test, which can be referred to as the official kit, called "PMI CHOICE“.

It includes an electronic version of a PMP certification prep course materialwhich is downloaded in PDF format or online via different media (PC, iPad / iOS tablets, Android) can be viewed and commented on, as well as numerous short videos of 3 to 6 minutes that make learning easier.

In addition, some additional tools are made available, such as the TO-DO LIST, a must for everyone Project manager, different quizzes for Self-assessment and a set of 200 questions from the new PMP exam 2021.

Please note: the CAPM® certification exam does not change.

The PMI recommends using instructors with an instructor card.
To the quality of a PMI Indeed, to obtain an accredited instructor, it is necessary to:

  • a valid one PMP certification to have,
  • around significant experience in Agility to have,
  • on one PMITrain the Trainer ”- to have participated in the course,
  • the Instructor Exam to have passed (to get your ID),
  • at one ATP (Authorized Training Partner) to be affiliated as QRP International.



What is PMI ATP?

A Authorized Training Provider (ATP) is one of the PMI accredited Training organizationwho have favourited training courses to prepare for the PMP certification offers. Participation in a training at a ATP guarantees you formal training, with official course materials (from PMI provided) and an accredited and certified instructor with a valid ID.

QRP International is one ATP training organization, check out ours PMP training calendar at!