How do I cut my pubic hair

1. Pubic hair protects your vagina

Nature has already thought something about our intimate persistence. Because the pubic hair protects our sensitive vagina from external influences. Pathogens, for example, have less of a chance to enter your vagina. This also minimizes the friction on fabric, as with jeans, AND pubic hair is our natural "air conditioning system" - protection against heat and cold. If you shave your pubic hair too often, stubble quickly occurs and hair growth is unintentionally even accelerated in this case.

2. Shaving can cause itching, skin irritation, rashes, or even abscesses

If you shave off your pubic hair, you can “injure” and irritate your skin. In the worst case scenario, your genital area is on fire, you get red pimples after shaving or it even bleeds! Important: If you shave, use a clean razor that isn't dull.

3. Infections from pubic hair care and shaving

In the US, visits to the emergency room increased fivefold from 2002 to 2010 - to around 12,000 people. Reason: The pubic area is being cared for! It is important that the genital area is only washed with mild shower gel and water. Hygiene, like new panties every day, are also a must!

4. The trend is away from "less is more"

Pubic hair is trendy! Many women no longer want to shave their genital area - they just shave off the bikini line on the right and left and trim their pubic hair.

5. Time saving

Let's be honest - who wants to shave downstairs? The legs are annoying enough as it is. And that's why we can confidently shorten our beauty routine by simply not shaving our genital area anymore.

6. You sweat less

Since the skin folds lie exactly on top of each other in the genital area after shaving, you sweat more and so a smell is more likely to arise. Because your hair makes you sweat less!

7. Friction from sex

During sex, the friction can also irritate the skin and it chafs more.

By the way, here are two more fun facts: A pubic hair grows by one centimeter per month and the longest pubic hair in the world is said to be 71 centimeters.
Well, we don't want to let our pubic hair grow that long, but why not try something new and just let it grow? If you still feel uncomfortable with it, you can shave everything off again very quickly.

8. New creativity with intimate hairstyle

Without hair, no hairstyle, that's clear. If you let your intimate hair grow, you can shave a heart shape, a tree, a champagne glass or even an angular stamp shape. Beyond that, there are no limits to your imagination - after all, it's your body.

9. Surprise for your partner

Otherwise you always shaved completely down below !? If you don't see your boyfriend for a few days, you could be yours Just let your pubic hair grow. Let's see how your friend will react. It might even heat up your love life!

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