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Powerbar energy bar

You are full of energy. Carbohydrate Bars

Small, strong, tasty and handy - the delicious power food supplies energy. Bar by bar. Whether in endurance sports such as running, cycling or hiking or in game sports such as football, handball or tennis, the handy snack is simply part of the sport - and has been since 1986. At that time, Powerbar developed the world's first energy bar with carbohydrates.

Anyone who does sport needs energy: bars are the ideal companion for this

The energy bar is a loyal companion in training as well as in competition, it contains carbohydrates and supports athletes in staying efficient during activity. The snack is popular with many athletes because of its bite ‘and the sensory component; but can be easily chewed. Such an energy bar with carbohydrates is also a real all-rounder. Before exercise, carbohydrates support performance preparation; during exercise they provide the muscle with fuel for continued good performance; after exercise, they help replenish carbohydrate stores.

More power: bars with a special carbohydrate mix

In the long run, only power helps! Bars with a high proportion of carbohydrates - called "carbs" - meet this requirement. Our Energize energy bars, for example, contain a very special mix of carbohydrates with a 2: 1 ratio of glucose and fructose sources.