Are there any McDonalds in Iceland?

Iceland: This McDonald’s burger is ten years old

This burger is apparently indestructible: a decade after the McDonald’s shutdown in Iceland, thousands of online users are following the slow decay of their last order - a burger with a side of fries, which are kept together in a glass case like a precious gem.

During the financial crisis in 2009, the fast food chain closed its three branches in Iceland because it made too little profit due to expensive imports. Iceland is still one of the few western countries without a McDonald’s.

On October 31, 2009, shortly before the restaurant was closed, Hjortur Smarason bought a menu to preserve it. "I decided to buy one last meal," said Smarason, who works as a communications manager for a space tourism company. Because: "I had heard that McDonald’s burgers never decompose - so I wanted to see if that was true."

Allegedly, the live stream has up to 400,000 views a day

He initially kept the food in a bag in his garage, but then loaned it to the Icelandic National Museum three years later, virtually unchanged. The menu was then shown for a while in a hotel in the capital, Reykjavík.

Now the burger is exhibited like a work of art in a glass showcase in the “Snotra House”, a hostel in Thykkvibaer in southern Iceland. “People from all over the world come here to visit the burger,” says owner Sigurdur Gylfason. Allegedly, the live stream has up to 400,000 views a day.

Apparently, thanks to the dehydration, neither mold nor bacteria have grown on the burger, nor does it decompose.