Is Nicolas Cage underestimated?

Interim game - Nicolas Cage is on the trail of a conspiracy

Brian De Palma made a special kind of conspiracy film with Spiel auf Zeit in 1998. The main role, a corrupt police officer, is played by the dynamic Nicolas Cage.

After we presented Brian De Palma as one of the rather underrated directors of our time, there is now the opportunity to see one of his seldom discussed films on kabel eins. Zeit auf Zeit is a conspiracy thriller that features a brilliant performance by Nicolas Cage and greets the audience with a spectacular opening sequence.

The story of the film revolves around Rick Santoro (Nicolas Cage), a corrupt New Jersey police officer who is looking forward to a spectacular boxing match and the reunion with his childhood friend Kevin Dunne (Gary Sinise). The latter works for the US Navy and is responsible for the security of the present Secretary of Defense Charles Kirkland (Joel Fabiani) during the fight. After the first round of the fight there was a riot and the defense minister was shot. The responsibility for this is blamed on Dunne. Santoro therefore takes up the investigation himself, because he suspects a conspiracy behind the attack.

An artful film with great performances and a poor script

Brian De Palma's opening scene in particular caused enthusiasm. The over 12-minute sequence gives the audience an exact idea of ​​the boxing arena and the main character Rick Santoro. In addition, the geography of the hall, which is important for the plot, is conveyed using the images. The acting performance, especially by Nicolas Cage, also attracted attention.

The criticism, however, lingered on the supposedly weak script. The famous critic Roger Ebert saw the great disappointment in the final third of the film:

At first slowly, then with astonishing speed the film falls apart. He has the ingredients of a good thriller and De Palma still has a few aces up his sleeve, but it's a downward spiral.

The question arises as to whether the criticism lingered too much on the plot and overlooked the great craft of the director. Tonight you can convince yourself otherwise.

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Will you give Brian De Palma's game a chance for a while?