How long are bacterial infections contagious?

Course & duration of a cold - how long is it contagious?

Cold: how long are you contagious?

Anyone who has a flu-like infection would like to spare others the same fate. This brings up the question of how long you are contagious before and after a cold breaks out.

It is particularly tricky that those affected can infect other people if they do not even notice that a cold is looming. Two days before the first symptoms appear, we can already be ignorant spreaders of viruses.

However, the greatest risk of infection is in the first two to three days after starting of symptoms. The reason: At this stage you sneeze frequently, throwing viruses into the air millions of times - up to 40 meters. In addition, the viruses often get into your hands when you blow your nose and can be distributed when you open a door, for example.

With Symptoms subside the potential for infection also decreases. If the symptoms of the common cold improve, one wonders how long one will be contagious. Doctors assume that the risk of infection can persist until about ten days after the onset of the cold. A general answer is not possible, however, since cold symptoms can vary from person to person. For example, immunocompromised people have to struggle longer with the consequences of a cold. As Rule of thumb you should therefore note: If you still have to sneeze and cough, you are also contagious to other people.