What are the scaffolds in selenium


according to DGE (14.10.2011)30-70 µg30-70 µg
per 100 g or per
100 ml of food
coconuts810.00 µg
Boletus184.00 µg
herring140.00 µg
tuna130.00 µg
Wheat germ110.00 µg
Brazil nuts100.00 µg
Wheat bran90.00 µg
plaice65.00 µg
Sardines60.00 µg
carp60.00 µg
Pork liver58.00 µg
mussels56.00 µg
Chicken liver55.00 µg
Kohlrabi50.00 µg
parsley50.00 µg
shrimp50.00 µg
Redfish44.00 µg
Mackerel39.00 µg
Beef fillet35.00 µg
coalfish31.00 µg
Oysters28.00 µg
cod27.00 µg
Trout25.00 µg
Beef liver21.00 µg
Brussels sprouts18.00 µg
White beans14.00 µg
Chester11.00 µg
Corn11.00 µg
Brown rice11.00 µg
Emmentaler11.00 µg
lenses10.00 µg
Chicken eggs10.00 µg
oatmeal10.00 µg
Polished white rice7.00 µg
Mushrooms7.00 µg
Walnuts6.00 µg
Camembert6.00 µg
Hazelnuts5.00 µg
Refer to the nutritional information
unless otherwise
noted on raw ingredients.

... protects us from free radicals and environmental toxins

The trace element selenium acts as a antioxidant in our body. Selenium protects us from aggressive molecules that attack our DNA (genetic material) and strengthens our immune system.

Selenium successfully goes into the fight against Viral infections such as flu, runny nose, measles, chickenpox, warts, herpes or shingles and can even slow the progression of AIDS or HIV infections.

A sufficient supply of selenium has also been extremely positive for preventing stroke and Heart attack proven that with enough selenium in the blood, blood clots cannot form as quickly. Sufficient selenium in the blood allows our blood to clot more slowly, or only when it is necessary due to injuries. A little selenium in the blood, on the other hand, causes the blood to clot particularly quickly not only in wounds, but also within the veins, which can lead to devastating blood clots. Another reason for the heart-strengthening effect of selenium is the contribution of this trace element to a protein that is responsible for a stable structure of the heart muscles.

Also Environmental toxinsthat penetrate our body (arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, etc.) can be excreted better with the help of sufficient selenium. This is also a possible explanation for the fact that certain allergies - especially to chemicals - can be better controlled by an increased selenium intake. Since more and more poisons get into our food due to environmental pollution that can hardly be stopped, selenium becomes detoxification increasingly important.

As a remarkable weapon in the fight against cancer Selenium has also become very important. Long-term studies on test persons in the USA have shown that selenium has a preventive effect against cancer and also leads to significantly fewer relapses in follow-up treatment after cancer.

The preventive effect caused by selenium against clouding of the lens of the eye - known as cataracts - or various forms of macular degeneration (yellow spot) is also very interesting.

Combined with vitamin E, selenium also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which can obviously also alleviate the symptoms of chronic diseases such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis, rheumatism or lupus.

An excellent source of the natural supply of selenium are fish and seafood, Brazil nuts, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, porcini mushrooms, coconut and whole grain products.

A Selenium deficiency is unfortunately not uncommon in Germany. All you have to do is look at the list of foods that contain selenium and think about how often you actually incorporate these foods into your diet ... We usually eat too much meat and sausage and too little fish. Unfortunately, selenium from meat products cannot be used as well by our body as selenium from fish and marine animals. In order to protect your health, however, you should definitely use selenium-containing foods such as fish dishes or Brazil nuts more often.

Smoker usually have an extremely increased selenium requirement, as they voluntarily inhale a lot of toxins. I have a list of these toxins on my page "May I fast and smoke?" listed. In the case of smokers, the daily requirement according to the DGE of 30-70 µg is seldom sufficient. Passive co-smoking due to inconsiderate smokers also leads to an increase in selenium requirements, even in non-smokers.

If you want to use a dietary supplement to meet your daily selenium requirement, you should never exceed a dose of 800 µg selenium per day. Such a violent one Overdose can lead to various unpleasant side effects such as allergic skin reactions, nausea, deformed fingernails, hair loss, chronic fatigue or depression.

In addition, high-dose selenium preparations combined with a simultaneous iodine deficiency can lead to an underactive thyroid. So if you already have problems with the thyroid gland, you should definitely consult your family doctor before taking selenium supplements.

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