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Frequency is the distribution of the sexes among plants.

Monoecious (monocial), Unity (Monoecia):

Separate female and male flowers on the same plant.
Examples: monoecious plants

Dioecious (dioecious), Dioeciousness (Diocese):

Separate female and male flowers on different plants.
"Male" and "female": A plant has either only female or only male flowers.
From dioecious plants one must therefore at least Plant 2 specimens to get fruit. Examples: dioecious plants

Normal case

The vast majority of plants, on the other hand, have hermaphroditic flowers: They unite both male reproductive organs and female ones.
Male: Stamens = Stamen (Filament) + Dust bag (Anther)
Dust bag made of 2 halves /Counters with 2 pollen sacks each
Female: Carpels ->stamp (Pestle) = Ovary + style + stigma

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