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Alex Rühle

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Alex Rühle is an editor at the Süddeutsche Zeitung and author of “Ohne Netz - My six months offline.” (2010).

Reich citizens believe that Germany is not a real state. Other theories revolve around the moon landing, lizard people or an allegedly flat earth. What's it all about?

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The fairy tale of the BRD GmbH is mainly spread by so-called Reich citizens. They are convinced that the Federal Republic is not a sovereign state, but a company with limited liability ... which is why we are all not citizens at all, but employees. The two central arguments that allegedly speak in favor of this theory: The identity card - the name already proves that we are only enslaved "staff" and not citizens. In addition, a company Federal Republic of Germany - Finanzagentur GmbH is entered in the commercial register at the Frankfurt am Main local court under the registration number HRB 51411. That's right - but this financial services company owned by the FRG takes care of things like borrowing by means of promissory note loans or money market transactions to balance the account of the Federal Republic of Germany at the Deutsche Bundesbank. To confuse such a GmbH with the State of the Federal Republic of Germany is very absurd. And as far as the "personnel" in the identity card is concerned, that is derived directly from the Latin adjective "personalis", which can be translated as "personal", in the sense of: based on a single, very specific person.

The idea of ​​a "BRD GmbH" leads to the fact that Reich citizens do not recognize the Basic Law and regard all state organs of the FRG as hostile puppets of the "actual oppressive power" or "the global elite". Such expressions are mostly indicative of the anti-Semitic and / or anti-American background of their ideology. After all, if you ask about the alleged "backers" or "masterminds" of this power, you almost always come to the Jewish Rothschilds or "the East Coast", a paraphrase for the elites of the USA and one supposedly resident there Jewish / Zionist lobby. We are all steered from the background as willing slaves. The ideology of the Reich citizens is so dangerous because some of them believe they are in a latent civil war scenario and are shooting at representatives of the FRG to be allowed - as it was on October 19, 20 16 the Reich citizen in Georgensgmünd did when the police wanted to search his apartment for illegal weapons. A policeman died at the time. Similar to other Reich citizens, the police found a huge arsenal of weapons in the apartment of the Reich citizen.

Because of the militant aggressiveness of many of its members, one should clearly separate this imperial citizen theory from the other conspiracy theories alluded to in this video. What these two have in common, despite all the differences in the respective core theory, is that some powerful circles fool us into believing a wrong view of the world in order to educate us to blind faith and obedience. In addition, many representatives of these theories are ardent science skeptics, which is why you often cannot even come to them with physical laws such as gravity or with NASA images.

The reptilian horia sounds so strange that in this country you usually only get a shake of your head or laughter when you talk about it. In the USA and Great Britain, however, it is quite common, perhaps because it was made popular primarily by former professional footballer David Icke. According to her, lizards from another star system landed on earth ancient times. The alien lizards wear human costumes and rule us as so-called shape-shifters. Angela Merkel and the Queen are just as "lizards in human form" as the former Pope Benedict XVI. or Emmanuel Macron. This "disguised elite" keeps us as work slaves and works on the "New World Order". The whispering of the elite and power circles is very often pervaded by anti-Semitic clichés and prejudices.

The moon landing skeptics believe that no human has ever been on the moon. The American government faked the landings in a television studio in the 1960s and 1970s in order to divert attention from domestic and foreign policy problems such as the Vietnam War and to achieve a propaganda victory over the Soviet Union in the space race. The proponents of this theory of the Moon Hoax argue, for example, with "analyzes" of the moon photos and films. For example, no stars can be seen on it. Or: Why don't the astronauts jump higher on the films when gravity is so much weaker on Earth? Well, you can't see the stars because, due to the weak contrast range of photo films, only objects whose luminosity is not too different can be seen on one and the same photo. The stars shine too weakly to keep up with white spacesuits or gray-white rocks as a photo motif. And as for the suits, which weighed between 83 and 90 kilograms - measured by this weight, the astronauts' jumps are quite impressive. Critics who argue that the wind is blowing on the recordings, although there cannot be any, can be countered by the fact that attaching the flag creates a short movement - then the flag stops, as can be seen in the video. And in the film studio you would hardly have intentionally created wind to fake the moon landing.

The so-called Flatearther (in German about "Flacherdler") believe that we live on a kind of record with a hole in the middle. This is the north pole. The sun, which is only 60 kilometers in diameter, and the moon orbit this pole center. Moon landing, of course, never happened. And you can't fall from the flat earth, because there is a wall of ice all around - the Antarctic. This wall is monitored by NASA employees or American secret agents so that no one climbs over it and falls into space. The main argument for the flat earth is usually the appearance: So the NBA basketball star Shaquille O'Neal posted: When he drives from Florida to California, he sees that "the speech is flat." And water that flows down on a ball drips down - ergo, the ocean tides would have to flow immediately into space if the earth were round. According to some supporters of the theory, the earth is supposed to have an earth's interior - despite its flatness - according to some supporters of the theory. Aristotle already found out that the earth is round. Since then, it has been confirmed by numerous scientists. The leading proponents of the hollow-earth theory, on the other hand, say that the earth is very much a sphere, but so hollow and so big inside that a sun fits in just as much as Adolf Hitler, a realm called Agartha or the reptilians. Their world conspiracy was almost blown in 1997: According to conspiracy theorists, Princess Diana had just discovered that the entire English royal family belonged to the reptilians. Hence the fatal accident ...