Can we talk personally about MSG?

Talking to each other is better than texting cell phone messages

Texting on your mobile phone or do you prefer to talk to each other? The digital times in which we live are changing personal communication. Often we prefer to write a cell phone message quickly instead of looking for a direct conversation. The personal conversation is usually not only more efficient, talking to one another also offers many other advantages.

Technological development means that the way we communicate with one another is constantly changing. Sometimes it is useful to send a text message quickly with your mobile phone, but this form of communication cannot keep up with a face-to-face conversation. Based on studies, we know that the words themselves only make up around ten percent of a communication. The pitch, body language, and other non-verbal gestures play a crucial role in how we communicate and interact with one another. Without the face-to-face conversation, we cannot really relate to our families and friends.

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We have summarized a few advantages for you here, why it is good to put your cell phone down more often and instead prefer to engage in personal and direct conversation:


When talking to each other, you can perceive body language

Seeing how someone reacts during a conversation can help you understand how he or she is feeling. Yawning and a slumped posture could indicate boredom, while a lively, attentive expression suggests that the person you are speaking to is interested. Personality is expressed in particular through non-verbal gestures and emotions. Because cell phone messages lack this liveliness as visual feedback, it is more difficult to maintain real and lasting relationships without face-to-face, face-to-face conversation.

Understanding is better when you talk to each other

The stress and pronunciation of a word can change the meaning of what is spoken. The simple sentence: “She's not flying to Hawaii tomorrow”, for example, can mean very different things, depending on which word is emphasized. For example, if the emphasis is on "her," it means someone else is flying to Hawaii. If the word “flies” is emphasized, it means that she is traveling there by another means of transport. The vocal cues reduce the risk of misunderstanding.


You can only build lasting relationships when you talk to each other

It only takes a moment to send a text message, but if you take the effort and take the time to meet up for a chat, it shows that you value the other person. When you actively listen to friends and family members, they will feel that they are important and valued. Text messages can strengthen relationships, but the foundations of such relationships come from face-to-face exchanges and face-to-face conversations.


Serious conversations need to talk to each other

It may be tempting to avoid a serious conversation and just send a text message, but sensitive issues in particular should be addressed face-to-face. Private matters can be discussed openly without the risk of someone else reading your messages by accident. In a face-to-face encounter, it is also easier to be respectful of the other, especially when it comes to sensitive topics. Because revealing your feelings to someone is a sign of trust. It might be a little awkward at first, but serious conversations with friends and family can create lifelong bonds.

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So the next time you want to send someone a text message on their cell phone, just invite them over for a coffee and instead have a direct conversation, without a cell phone. You will not regret it!