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Winner: That's what sets you apart

Sometimes you lose, sometimes the others win. We actually all want to go through life as winners, string together victories and savor all the triumphs. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Stumbling blocks, hostilities - and, last but not least, your own inability to prevent a smooth march through. But how do you become a winner then?

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Winner: No clear line between winning and losing

What distinguishes winners? According to new studies by the University of Arizona, these three main characteristics:

  • You have a skeleton
  • live on land and
  • feed parasitically on another organism.

Seriously: This is the formula for success for a species to reproduce as quickly as possible, to produce new species, to emerge victorious from the game of evolution. In fact, the animal kingdom offers us wonderful case studies on the subject of winning:

Alpha male for example who fight for dominance in their group. Or deer ramming each other with their antlers. In both cases, the fronts are clear afterwards: there is a clear winner and a loser. At least temporarily.

However, according to behavioral researchers at North Carolina State University, the matter is not that clear. There are of course clear pecking orders in packs or herds: Alpha, Beta, Gamma ... But sometimes one can also observe hierarchies in which dominance is shared. There are even duels in which the loser does not lose his position despite his defeat - with ants, for example. Losers who are still winners. Is the?

Is there a definition of a winner?

What is that supposed to tell us? Applied to humans, this could mean: Not every challenge that you miss and not every defeat that you have to put up with automatically makes you a loser.

The definition of a winner also changes from time to time. Scientists at Duke University compared the body measurements of athletes from the history of sports as early as 2009 and traced the data back to 1900. Result: athletes and swimmers who were successful at the Olympics have grown larger and larger over the decades. They also “grew” faster than the average population. If other parameters are also met, size leads to speed. A formula for success that has only slowly emerged.

Here, too, a piece of wisdom could be for us: You have to find your strengths and use them correctly - you can increase your chances of success and become a winner.

The 26 Best Quotes About Winning

"Sometimes you lose, sometimes the others win." "If you don't dare, you don't win." - Books can be filled with idioms and proverbs about the fine art of winning. We limit ourselves to particularly inspiring, thoughtful and amusing quotes and sayings about winning.

We use the wisdom of old great minds, poets and statesmen, as well as those football coaches chewing gum and intellectually unsuspecting playmates. We span - and you have to get that done first - a bow from Sophocles to Napoleon to Lady Gaga. Have fun!

  • “Victory belongs to the persevering.” (Napoleon Bonaparte)>
  • “Victory is sweetest when you know defeat.” (Malcolm Forbes
  • "I would rather lose for a cause that will one day win than win for a cause that will one day lose." (Woodrow Wilson)
  • “Winning isn't everything. But it is to want to win. "(Vince Lombardi)
  • "We improve through victories over ourselves. There have to be competitions and you have to win them." (Edward Gibbon)
  • “If you think you can win, you can win too. Faith is necessary for victory. "(William Hazlitt)
  • “Winning is overrated. It is only really important in war and surgery. "(Al McGuire)
  • "You win if you give in to friends" (Sophocles)
  • “Everyone talks about age, but it's not about age. It's about the work ethic. Winning never gets old. "(Lisa Leslie)
  • "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then try to win." (Sun Tsu)
  • "You should always play fair when you have the winning hand in your hands." (Oscar Wilde)
  • "You very rarely win, but sometimes you do." (Harper Lee)
  • "Sometimes you don't feel like a winner in life, but that doesn't mean you aren't one." (Lady Gaga)
  • "You have to be sure of yourself before you can ever win a prize." (Napoleon Hill)
  • “Win without boasting. Lose without an excuse. "(Albert Payson Terhune)
  • "Someone who says that winning is not everything has never won anything" (Mia Hamm)
  • “You need a lot of people to put together a winning team. The contribution of each individual is important. ”(Gary David Goldberg)
  • "Obstacles are challenges for winners and excuses for losers." (M.E. Kerr)
  • "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win." (Nicholas Klein)
  • “It's not about winning or losing. It's about the friends and people you meet on your way. "(Summer Altice)
  • “You need talent to win. To repeat, character. "(John Wooden)
  • "Victories, but don't triumph." (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)
  • "Winning starts with the beginning." (Robert Schuller)
  • "Those who lose a lot can win quickly." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  • “Winning is only half of it. Having fun is the other. "(Bum Phillipps)
  • “I have three dogs at home. Whether I have lost or won a series, they always treat me the same. "(Mahendra Singh Doni)

What makes a winner?

When Petra and Hans-Joachim won eight million D-Marks in the lottery in 1994, they were probably the happiest people in the world. So happy. So rich. Just winners. A short time later the money was gone: given away, burned, exchanged for cars, land, pony yard, go-kart track and a fishing pond with rowing boats. Everything gone! 15 years later, the couple processed their experiences in a book: "With the money came tears."

The conclusion is neither daring nor particularly arrogant: The winners weren't. Never been. To be a winner in life it takes more than a lucky coincidence, more than just being in the right place at the right time. You also have to learn to win.

That's just been said, briskly trumpeted, in truth, of course, it's extremely difficult. So here are a few ideas from us about what distinguishes winners ...

  1. You feel gratitude

    Robert Emmons from the University of California and Michael Cullough from the University of Miana showed in a study: Those who regularly think about the things for which they are grateful in life are more motivated, more optimistic and even enjoy better health - all of these make winners and increases the chances of success.

    The trick, adds Amy Morin, author of the book "13 Things mentally strong people don’t do", is to replace self-pity with gratitude. Because self-pity is destructive, costs time and energy and in no way leads out of one's own dilemma. Winners are grateful.

  2. You keep self discipline

    Iron will, strict discipline, tenacity and self-control - these values ​​sound as stale as laundry detergent advertising. In truth, they are virtues whose importance cannot be valued highly enough.

    This was proven by a study by Angela Duckworth and Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania. They tested whether students were able to adapt their behavior and suppress impulsive reactions. Clear result: those who had the discipline performed better. The IQ, on the other hand, only had half as much influence on success. Those who are willing to forego short-term joys make themselves a winner in the long run.

  3. They cooperate

    Cooperation and communication skills are becoming more and more important as key competencies. When it comes to your own specialist knowledge, even the biggest chatterbox becomes a secretive. Nobody wants to divulge the knowledge of power. Out of fear that others could score points with it and outdo it.

    Most of the time, however, it's the other way around: those who share knowledge multiply it. Knowledge managers like Gilbert Probst from the University of Geneva regularly point this out. You tap into new sources of information, ensure an exchange of knowledge, gain by cooperating and thereby also helping others. This applies internally, between the departments in the company, but also for people who want to position themselves externally as experts. Those who can indulge, share knowledge in order to end up being a winner themselves.

  4. You don't shy away from change

    Change is not by definition positive. It is human to be afraid of it, to avoid it, to delay it, perhaps even to want to fight it. Nobody cheerfully turns a company upside down that is currently at the height of its success. The problem is: sometimes change processes cannot be prevented, you have to face them. And that works.

    Amy Morin writes in her book of five phases that have to be implemented step by step: preliminary consideration, consideration, preparation, action and retention. Winners accept the inevitability of change and actively shape it.

  5. They don't believe the world owes them anything

    We have the right to be educated. The right to freedom. On human rights. Human dignity. On security. To a fair trial. And of course the subsistence level. The minimum wage. A daycare place. The truth is: we have the right to absolutely nothing in this world. We are thrown into this world without taking things for granted, without security, we have to fight for it ourselves bit by bit.

    “Life is not fair,” writes Morin. "But that doesn't mean anyone owes you if you've got a bad hand." Winners know that. They do not assume that you are entitled to this or that, to a good job and the best advice. They don't complain all the time, but try to make the most of their paper anytime, anywhere.

  6. You commit

    Gerhard Schröder rattled the bars of the Federal Chancellery: "I want to get in there!"

    It is almost mundane to mention that a winner does not throw the gun in the grain at the first gust of wind. He finds solutions, makes mistakes, never the same twice, but always different, he takes detours and risks. And he goes on and on. In technical jargon, this property is called volition.

Are you a winner? In our free PDF, we've rounded up 11 more signs to show you are on the winning side of life!

Winner: give or take?

In his book "Give and take", US psychologist Adam Grant divides people into three groups. There are the takers, the givers and the comparators.

  • Giver help others and are not solely concerned with their own benefit.
  • Taking on the other hand, above all, they consistently enforce their interests.
  • Comparative react and reciprocate - for being nice and sneaky.

Who would you most likely place in the category of winners? Probably the takers. Winners just take what they want, right? And the givers? Pah, loser! They are good-natured, let themselves be exploited, cannot say no.

And in fact: According to Grant, donors populate the lower rungs of the career ladder particularly often. But - surprisingly - they are also well represented at the top. Why?

Grant says: Because the givers are more honest and less inconsiderate, address their weaknesses openly and thereby gain in standing and reputation. They help, build trust and expand their network. That makes givers winners.

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