Mammon is the son of the devil

Fanart: "Mammon" son of the devil

2008-05-18T10: 33: 35 + 00: 00 05/18/2008 12:33
how awesome, I know the movie too ^^
2008-01-05T12: 32: 31 + 00: 00 01/05/2008 13:32
so how it comes from the earth is really ingeniously implemented! The shades with the pencil and charcoal are great too! Those white lines on his body ... remind me of lava or something ... really great! Only the face could have been a bit more precise ... but still: really awesome!
2007-11-15T15: 20: 35 + 00: 00 11/15/2007 16:20
great film, great scenes and the implementation of the picture is also well done, respect ^^
2007-09-28T11: 03: 55 + 00: 00 09/28/2007 13:03
I think this picture is very successful!
Great implementation of the topic, of course, really awesome!
I like the one with the colors! The fact that there are no colors inside gives the picture something special
2007-09-05T22: 10: 17 + 00: 00 09/06/2007 00:10
Oh yes, Constantine - the film practically works with the usual clich├ęs! Personally, I think the film is bad.

Regarding the drawing: I'm divided on that. On the one hand, you build in good effects and work well with light and shadow. To better indicate hell, I might have added a subtle shade of red. But that's how it works too. In terms of style, the picture is not that appealing to me. The lava drizzling doesn't quite come across either, you could have built in more fog or smoke. I mean, hell is hot, the air stuffy, hard to breathe. Because of all the sulfur content and so on ... The effect of the picture doesn't quite come across either.

PS: I don't rate FAs. I prefer to write commies.
2007-09-05T19: 56: 33 + 00: 00 09/05/2007 21:56
Wow! : D
I really admire people like you who are so good at handling pencils or coal and can use them to create shadows and so on so well, unfortunately I'm a loser there, but I practice well
I love the film and your picture looks really awesome, I just think that it looks a bit like he's laughing, but mei, maybe he'll do that too; D.
I like it (:
2007-09-05T19: 23: 50 + 00: 00 09/05/2007 21:23
Really a great picture ^^
* favo and 1geb *
Gabriel comes into our world in the second part of God's Army.
2007-09-05T18: 59: 05 + 00: 00 09/05/2007 20:59
ok somehow I'm scared of this picture ^^
but it is nicely drawn .... and you have done well too ^^ * 1geb *