Ant Man is the most powerful avenger

The most powerful Avengers in the MCU ranked

By Ziah Grace / .22. December 2017, 7:34 a.m. EDT /. Updated: March 12, 2018 12:07 a.m. EDT

The Marvel Cinematic Universe showed the audience that a man can fly (as long as he's in a robotic suit made of high-tech armor or a literal god), and the slow threading of various superheroes into a cohesive universe was amazing. But of all the powerful and amazing superheroes that make up Marvel's first super-team, the most incredible is?

To clarify the question, let's rank the most powerful members of the Avengers, starting from the bottom and ending with the strongest there is. To qualify, we counted all the heroes on the list avengerMovies, of course, as well as characters who appeared in Iron Man or Captain America's team in Captain America: Civil War, both because they were all Avengers at one point or another in the comics, and because part of the fun was the two heroes putting together their own team of Avengers. Read on to see who gets the highest honor!

Hawk Eye

We start with the obvious loser on the team, the arrogant arrogant archer of the Avengers, Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawk Eye. While the Hawkeye of Comics has built a loyal cult following based largely on David Aja and Matt Fraction's stripped-down formalist running his solo book, none of these traits are evident in the MCU's Hawkeye. He's technically a Black Widow-level super spy, but his defining moments in the films include the fact that he decidedly doesn't stop Thor from getting to his magical hammer (Thor), let Loki control the mind (avenger), almost shot (Avangers: Age of Ultron)and immediately from Black Panther in an airport brawl (Captain America: Civil War).

There is certainly appeal to a lovable loser who fumbled through dangerous situations over and over again, but unfortunately we don't give Hawkeye any additional credit for suppressed behavior. Hawkeye easily ends up in the bottom row of the team, at least until they battle a supervillain whose only weakness is arrows.


Believe it or not, there was a time when Quicksilver the white-haired An Again, Out Again Son of Magneto, was in two films in the same year (X-Men: Days of Future Past and Avangers: Age of Ultron). It's certainly hard to believe since it appeared in Ultron is so bad it got him on the Hawkeye level of our list.

His power is superspeed, which seems to keep him a tad higher on the MCU's list of most powerful superheroes, but he was shot by Ultron's machine guns. It's just embarrassing to die over normal bullets, especially when you're a literal superhero with super powers. Superman at DC is known for being faster than a bullet, but Quicksilver clearly isn't, which makes its 'super' speed pretty nondescript if you ask us.

Black widow

There's no shame Black Widow is so low on the list. In a world of gods, robots, magic, and aliens, Black Widow's nothing to be ashamed of when her skill earns her place on the Avengers list. Like Hawkeye, she is a super spy, but unlike Barton, she knows better than to use an obsolete weapon against which humanity has countered literally thousands of years. She also gets a few extra credits for appearing in so many Marvel films. There's got to be a reason Iron Man, Nick Fury, and Captain America rely on them so much, even if the actual on-screen examples of their excellence haven't been as consistent as some of their peers.

Ant man

If that list were judged on supporting cast's charm and strength, Scott Rudd's Scott Lang would easily jump near the top. Unfortunately for the tiny dynamo, we're evaluating pure performance, and Ant-Man's capabilities don't quite stack up. There's a reason the culmination of Ant man Laughs with the constant reminder of the magnitude of Ant-Man and Yellowjacket's final battle.

To do justice to the reformed impostor, he tested how he grew to a massive size Captain America: Civil War, but no one ever grows to a massive size to win a fight. Let's call it a byproduct of our obsession with David and Goliath stories, but in general, the only time a character gets bigger is a satisfactory overthrow like an AT-AT Walker on Hoth. Even so, current superpower technology beats rapidly dying quasi-mutants and super spies on this list.


Do you know what rules Flying. Do you know which rules even more? Fly around on amazing metal wings as you try to save the world from fascism with your best buddy Captain America. Sam Wilson has all of the training he's got from years of working as a rescue pilot plus the coolest technology that isn't heavily branded. There's a reason Captain America trusts him to take care of his back.

The only downside to the MCU Falcon is that they opted for a robotic drone version of his comic counterpart's loyal Redwing. Sure, talking to birds like a soaring aquaman isn't the greatest force, but we get on the super powerful side of this list so he'd need it something rank a little higher. And if we're fair, he actually lost to that next avenger, and we're nothing if not objective.

Winter soldier

He may look like a teen exploring his identity on Hot Topic, but Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes, a.k.a. the winter soldier is a force to be reckoned with. Tortured and mind-controlled by HYDRA, he has been on so many secret assassinations that his name is a legend in super-espionage circles. Add a super strong and super flexible metal arm that can punch a hole in concrete, along with a version of the Super Soldier Serum that powers Captain America and the Winter Soldier who poses a formidable threat.

Plus, thanks to its central role in two different ones Captain America Movies, we've actually seen him fight a good chunk of the Avengers, which makes his placement on this list pretty easy. Imagine playing rock, paper and scissors against a man with a metal arm. It's intimidating.

War machine

They say it is good to have friends in high positions, but in general it means that those friends can get you a job or maybe loan you some money. For James 'Rhodey' Rhodes, friendship with Tony Stark means that he receives a personalized version of the high-tech armor with enough weapons and missiles to start a small war.

As a War Machine, Rhodey has all of the explosive attacks of early Iron Man armor combined with the sophisticated methodology of a U.S. Army pilot who essentially walks around in a portable fighter jet. The Winter Soldier may be a brilliant assassin with a metal arm, but when you're carrying a mobile armory that can launch a missile from 1000 feet away, it's hard to imagine Bucky winning against War Machine.

Spider Man

Spider-Man is a late but powerful addition to the MCU, smart, powerful, and powered by Stark technology. His relative youth and experience might cause him problems in his normal life as Peter Parker, but his alter ego is a powerhouse. When he first appeared in the MCU in Captain America: Civil WarHe can disable Winter Soldier and Falcon, topple a Gi (Ant) Man, and even keep up with Captain America. That's a pretty strong achievement for the young superhero.

Plus, in Spider-Man: HomecomingThe audience saw just how extensive the suit Stark designed really was, with powerful AI on board, thousands of different types of webbing, and even an automated combat simulator. You give someone with real superpowers some Stark technology and they take them to a whole new level.

Captain America

Captain America is the whole package, and we're not just talking about actor Chris Evans. Steve Rogers has superpowers, combat strength, and an indestructible vibranium shield the closest thing to the unbreakable one in the MCU (until Adamantium shows up). If we look at raw charisma as a superpower, that's another benefit Cap has to push him into the top tier of mighty Avengers.

On screen, he has beaten almost every character on this list, be it in fistfights (Spider-Man) or in foot races (Falcon). Unfortunately, there is one opponent he couldn't beat even when the fight took place in his own movie.

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Iron Man is everyone's favorite billionaire playboy genius philanthropist, even before you get to the high-tech laser-emitting weapons, all of which are wrapped in a suit powered by technology stronger than a literal nuclear reactor. Iron Man has some power, we say. And all in a suit, without the literal dozen that he can remotely control or the huge suit he built specifically to knock down the world's fittest.

While his lack of hand-to-hand combat experience seems to have made him drop a little deeper, that's the end of Captain America: Civil War He literally fights Captain America and the Winter Soldier to a standstill, even with a barely functioning suit, so he more than earned his place.

Black Panther

Tony Stark may be an eccentric, rich genius in America who is treated like royalty, but he's not real king like the black panther, ruler of Wakanda. Like Iron Man, he has a technologically advanced suit - although in his case it's instead made of near-indestructible vibranium, if iron - and the resources to build every device he needs. But Black Panther also has the combat training that Stark lacks, along with well-trained bodyguards and the support of an entire country so technologically advanced that New York City looks like an Amish country.

Depending on how closely the upcoming film follows its comic book origins, Black Panther may also have a mystical background as it can communicate with Bast, the panther goddess, who gives it enhanced senses and strength. Even if the film leans more towards realism, it definitely beat Iron Man a few times, so even that point on the list could be conservative.

Scarlet Witch

This is a tough question as the MCU's Scarlet Witch may be significantly less powerful than the comic book version. In the comics, the Scarlet Witch is a ridiculously powerful mutant who managed to completely erase the mutated genome from the planet using her chaos magic, but the comics 'No more mutants' have nothing to do with Disney's 'No mutants' (until we buy back the rights to the X-Men). As a result, the MCU's Scarlet Witch utilizes abilities closer to telekinesis and telepathy than the magical powers of her comic book counterpart.

But even without magic, she is a powerful superhero who, on Ultron's orders, can defeat half of the team. Still, if you can Doctor strange The film brought the magic right into the realm of possibility. It is not out of the question that Wanda Maximoff is getting closer to the ridiculous power of comics. She may be young and have questionable taste in robot men, but as the only magical user of the Avengers, she's over the top. What if you talk about questionable robot men?

The vision

In the comics, the Infinity Gems are the most powerful items in the universe that are used in conjunction with the Infinity Gauntlet for complete control over virtually everything. While there is no full confirmation that the MCU will follow until the release of Avengers: Infinity WarIt's not far to say that the magical MacGuffins are incredibly powerful. The vision, the cybernetic homunculus based on Tony Stark's JARVIS AI, has the Mind Gem embedded in his forehead and gives it the power of density manipulation, untouchability and laser beams. Even before the Mind Gem was used to power everyone's favorite walking AI, it was used by Loki in a magical wand to control mind control followers and bring a horde of alien invaders to attack EarthThe Avengers.

Overall, the combination of brilliant AI, laser beams, and an energy source derived from a fundamental energy source throughout the Marvel Universe makes The Vision almost god-like.


Sorry for vision, godto like is not divine and Thor is the actual god of thunder which just makes him overdone. Faster than lightning, stronger than thunderclap, capable of skipping tall buildings with a single throw (his hammer)! In a world of super soldiers and tech geniuses, only one god can keep the rest of the Avengers humble. Even if you ignore his magical hammer, control of storms, or even his superpower, he is the Prince of Asgard, a beloved offspring of an immensely powerful king who commands an army of gods. Each of Thor's many friends and family members is almost as strong as he and lives in a God-filled utopia in space. Oh, and for eons there was a whole basement full of guns that ended up under the world Papa's castle. There is no one in the Marvel Universe who can control this level of power. Well, nearly Nobody...


The Hulk has basically hit everyone in the entire Marvel Universe a few times, often in (literally) earth-shaking ways, and that's only in the comics. At the MCU, Hulk Thor, Iron Man, Loki, The Abomination, and The Personal Beat the tarentire US Army- and these are just the characters who actually went out of their way to fight him instead of just running away. When Iron Man's answer to Loki is inThe Avengers to offer the fact that the Avengers have Hulk on their side, it's no joke. Hulk really is the strongest there is.