What are the best Chevelle songs


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With six albums published so far, which have sold millions of copies in their home country and have been awarded various gold and platinum awards, the alternative rockers of are counting Chevelle to the really big ones of their genre. With their current long player La Gárgola, which was published on May 30th via Sony Music, they not only underline their status, but also create the best conditions in Germany to build on the success in their home country. 1995 by the two Loeffler Brothers in Chicago, Illinois Chevelle meanwhile sold over four million albums, including her major label debut and platinum success ‘Wonder What’s Next’.

In their almost twenty-year career, the band had a total of twelve top ten hits on American rock radio with singles such as "Send The Pain Below", "The Red" and "Face To The Floor". Present in November Chevelle her new album La Gárgola as part of four Germany concerts live and come on November 6, 2014 exclusively after Hamburg ins Knust.

"I just don't want Chevelle to sound like any rock band out there", explains frontman Pete Loeffler. "My goal was to create something fascinatingly beautiful and dark at the same time."

While he and his bandmates Sam Loeffler (Drums) and Dean Bernardini (Bass, vocals) musically experimented with aggressive e-drums, stomp boxes, ethereal effects and vintage amps Pete dedicated to studying horror film aesthetics. The TV series ‘The Walking Dead’ and scary classics such as ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ or ‘Friday The 13th’ serve as inspiration for the sound of La Gárgola.

Songs like ‘The Damned’ or ‘Jaw Breaker’ are representative of this feeling, which one La Gárgola with its fast-paced rhythms and dark, distorted guitar riffs. In addition, prove it Chevelle With a song like ‘Take Out The Gunman’ (currently number 5 in the Active Rocker Charts) social commitment and conscience. The subject of gun possession and mental illness is dealt with in the dynamic interplay of hard guitars and emotional singing.