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Google phone: Conversations and voicemails can be saved soon

The active telephone call recording is visualized here
Google / 9to5Google The phone app developed by Google for Android smartphones will soon come up with new convenience functions. In the beta of version 43, indications of a possibility of recording conversations and storing mailbox messages were found. In the future, calls can be recorded in the application directly from the conversation and Voicemails can only be saved locally, limited by the storage space of the mobile device. The required lines of code and graphics are already included, it remains to be seen when Google will activate the new features. The network operators would also have to support Viusual Voicemail.

Google phone: voice recording and voicemail backup

The active telephone call recording is visualized here
Google / 9to5Google9to5Google has dared to do an APK teardown again. This time the Google Phone 43 Beta file was examined. In the program code, the team discovered interesting references to newly integrated but not yet activated functions. In the future, a new button will appear in the telephony app, with which calls can be recorded and saved on the smartphone. An animation visualizes the started process.

The saved conversations should then appear in a new column in the call list. Furthermore, Google plans to introduce storable mailbox messages. You can store voicemails directly in the phone app on your smartphone and you don't have to worry about them being deleted by the network operator. The program has a new section for this, which lists saved mailbox messages.

Further information on the upcoming services

The recording of calls has long been possible on Android smartphones through countless apps. However, integration in the tried and tested Google phone app would make an additional application obsolete. No intervention by the network operator is required for this function. Mobile operators do not have to contact Google to store Voicemails either - they do support the Visual Voicemail service.

This extended mailbox service is offered in this country by all three network operators, i.e. Telekom, Vodafone and o2. It can be used via a dedicated app or, in the case of Vodafone, via a configuration in the cellular network. This can also be used to save mailbox messages as audio files, among other things. The service would be more convenient, however, directly available within a central application such as the Google phone app.