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Low German dictionary

"Aalns en vöröbergang" see de Haas, as se em dat Fell over de Ohrn treggn danElbdeich Rosenweide"It's all a passage," said the Haase when they pulled the fur over his ears"Dar can uploop jo 'n Swien bi!"WesermarschNotifying the person stacking on the hay or straw cart or on the ground that they are moving in, d. i.e. do not pack vertically. "Dunner'slach": See the hunter! "De Rehbuck is brilliantly inn't for"! Dor secht de Drieber: "Let's say again, he hett dat vill not hear"! Elbdeich Rosenweide"Clap of thunder"! Said the hunter. "The roebuck stands brilliantly in the fire"! Then the driver says: "Shoot again, he may not have heard it"!"Meat eat my best vegetables"! See us Husschlachter and pack sick then ham dubbled and three-fold up the bodder bread. Elbdeich Rosenweide"Meat is my best vegetable", said our house butcher and put the ham twice and three times on the sandwich."Öberelfsche Peilepöch" reupn the Verlanner boys about the Elf if white Rosenwei jüm with "Veerlanner Pidelpöch" is angry.Elbdeich RosenweideThe children from Vierlanden shouted these swear words back across the Elbe."Schiete" secht Fiete, de Mors bekieke.HamburgThat went really wrong - for Fiete."As long as we know, was fedde Ossn Schlacht, de na us künt comes Herdnköpp fretn" See us Husschlachter if he bie us Schlachn da.Elbdeich RosenweideAs long as we live, fat oxen will be slaughtered, and those that come after us can eat herring heads! Said our house butcher when he slaughtered with us."Watt saacht de Wilddeef, ass se em in'n Holln faat creegen lifts"? freuch de judge then Schendarm! "He was just cutting off a large Telgen"!Elbdeich Rosenweide"What did the poacher say when they caught him in the forest"? The judge asked the policeman! "He was just sawing off a large branch"!'N pray sheef hett god leevBremenGod loves a little crooked (when something hasn't been fully worked, but can stay that way.)(He is) kommpobel (un deit dat)BremenHe's so unreasonable and does that!A: Dat is hats steernenklor - B: Wat, Keerls are there? - A: Oh, poop - B: What are eight men?BremenIt's clear today - what, guys are there? Oh, shit - what, 8 man?Aahre dikBraunschweiger LandDon't you dare bewareAchder our Huus, dor pleucht Peeter Kruus, without Plooch and without a bike, now, what is that? "De Mullworbn"Elbdeich RosenweideBehind our house, Peter Krause is plowing, without a plow and without a wheel, now guess what? "The Mole"all up steedOstfrieslandeverything OKEverything with mates, sä de Snieder, thou bruise your Fro with de Ell. WesermarschEverything in moderation, said the tailor, then he spanked his wife with a yardstick.Aln’s inner world, only no one hears a baker. See us bakers if he brings us fresh mares. Elbdeich RosenweideAnything in the world, just not a wooden oven. Said our baker when he brought us fresh breadAt aulen Huisern and at aulen Fruislui'en you have to say something worse.Greene / Kreiensen - East Westphalian plattersOld buildings and old women always require applications.At the single nativity scene slot sik de peerStuhr-BrinkumWhen there is nothing left, there is an argumentGet startedBremenPractice creates mastersAp een Been kunn ick nich ick.BremenI can't stand on one leg. (Toast)Ault weren not art, but long love and nich weren daboi, this is an art.Greene / Kreiensen - East Westphalian plattersGetting old is not an art, but living a long time and not getting old is art.Bagg off Back hoal Toerf in Bagg off Back. Papenburg Get peat in the box.bedoor di man ehmBurlagecalm downDe Goos is not a "little" bird. De Goos is a drowsy bird, för een to veel, för twee to little. MarneThe goose is a strange bird, too much for one, too little for two.Better a lus in cabbage as gor keen fatStuhr-Brinkumbetter than nothingBie'n nernern potty kieken inside.Westmünsterland / Bocholt"Looking into the pot" / dealing with other people's affairs that are none of your business.See you day!West Monsterland / BocholtGoodbye. / Until these days.You're a squeaky bunHamburgYou are a smart guyBlaffers sin no bidder.Krummhörn / UplewardDogs that bark do not bite.Bohntjes, green bohntjes with bacon, all anner laat awayKrummhörn / UplewardBeans, fat green beans that are worth itbreed as longKrummhörn / UplewardJacket like pantsBur blift en Bur and when hot slöpt bet Middag.HanoverFarmer remains farmer and if he sleeps until noon.Buskaasje, what are you up to?Krummhörn / Uplewardstrong hair growth, shaggy hairFort'e would have been delightedSubfieldSame meaning as: "They're crazy, the Romans"there hög ick mi överBremenI'm happy about thatThen de Habern priggtElbdeich RosenweideHe can't control himselfThen the last one falls out of KiepElbdeich RosenweideThe last thing falls out of the basket for the poor. Refers to people who cannot handle moneyThen the turnips can tell!Elbdeich RosenweideBut he's emaciated!Daor bliew mi met van 'n Kopp!Westmünsterland / BocholtSaying in the sense of: I don't want to hear (or don't know) that!Dar'n Uhl sowed.WesermarschIt has dissolved, it has become obsolete.Don't ask for itWesermarschWarning, negative advice.Dar sitt'n nail in.WesermarschThe person is proud of their attitude.Dat bass jöktElbdeich RosenweideThe skin is itchyDat best eat ümmer, real Jochn Brümmer, sick an de eegn Nääs to fatn and anner Lüh in Ruh to latn!Elbdeich RosenweideThe best thing, says Jochen Brümmer, is always to touch your own nose and leave other people alone!Eat the bed so warm and have enough of the Fleu! See us Naber when he waits to slip away.Elbdeich RosenweideThe bed is so warm and the fleas are fed up! Said our neighbor when he overslept the time.dat dat dat hits Bremenwhat is not there, expression of calm surpriseYou just knock it overBremenIt just drips (when it rains)Dat Etn wör ever one Teen'n taarn Elbdeich RosenweideThat was too little food (fooling teeth)Dat begs.Elbdeich RosenweideThe low water is coming.Dat eat it!Elbdeich RosenweideIt freezes!Dat pours as ut MollenBremenIt pours like out of tubsDat gives all Slag Lüüd: Speellüüd un ook MuskantenOldenbrok Krs. WesermarschIf two do the same thing, it is not the same. Or it depends on execution and intention.Dat gives Lüüd, you can turn Kattenschiet into gloomUelzenTalking pompously, cunninglyDat givv't no!Westmünsterland / BocholtThat is impossible! / That's not possible!Dat gries inElbdeich RosenweideBad weather is comingThat’s casual warningOstholsteinThat could have been worseDat Hau greet al.Elbdeich RosenweideThe hay has become too dry, it breaks.Do not shed the booklet in your hand.Greene / Kreiensen - East Westphalian plattersStay in control.Dat houlucht.Elbdeich RosenweideThe weather will be good. Dat Iis eat knubberichElbdeich RosenweideThe ice cream not frozen smoothThat’s a word.OstfrieslandIt's a drake.That's all there is to it.fishingIt's no good (dirt and cinnamon)this is a no brainer for meHamburg / Schleswig-Holsteinit's a small thing for me, I don't mind, it's done quickly This is how it began hereBremenIt's so common hereDat is young, dat watery.WesermarschThis is youth, it is getting better, it will subsideDat is one, dat'n de Wies desires.WesermarschSomeone behaves outwardly like everyone else does, followersThat’s up to dateBremenThis is too big a detour for meThis is botch!Westmünsterland / BocholtThis is bad / careless work!Dat is still young Wark with the two, one na de Stuutweken komen de BroodwekenKrummhörn / UplewardHoneymoon, honeymoonThat’s too much for WarkEichsfeldThat’s not enough, that’s uselessDat is fast too.Scheeßel / Lower SaxonyThat is done quickly.Dat is'n anner Kurn, sä de Möller un beet op'n Muuskötel.24787 FockbekThat's a different grain, said the miller, and bit down on a mouse decoction. It is said when someone realizes that something is wrong with something, but is still on the wrong track.This is a mishap, see de lütt humped plumbers, door harr he sien Nees an'n Teeketel fastlötBremenIt's a mishap, said the little hunchbacked plumber, because he had soldered his nose to the kettleDat iss'n LickupElbdeich RosenweideThat’s a minor thingThis is an angry family.Elbdeich RosenweideIt's a hardworking family.There is no fullness as before the bedWesermarschThe crowd like Gesche's bedScream Dat kaas in 'n Schosteen.Westmünsterland / BocholtYou can copy or bend that. / That is lost or in vain.You can't do thatElbdeich RosenweideI can not do thatDat kiddelt me ​​in Büx!Friesland plateauMy butt is itchy!Dat loops as if the dowel is peatWesermarschWhen everything goes smoothly or quicklyDat sik t'recht.Wesermarsch"It'll be fine."Dat Peerd is looping.East Frisia - CarolinensielThe horse has run away (torn out).Dat Perd is de Haver.WesermarschHigh-spirited horse in the spring that did not have to do any work in the winter.That's how you pound datBremenit is raining heavilyDon't shitElbdeich RosenweideI'm not supposed toDat shelters all wattsProbstei, OstholsteinThat makes a difference, that brings something Dat stretches sick no'n LievBremenThe (garment) adapts to the body.Dat treggt wechDistrict of Diepholz / RehdenThat moves away (in bad weather)Let’s say that you’re brim-free.Greene / Kreiensen Ostfälisches PlattYou can tell this to someone who is not quite right in the head.Dat was ik di whisperHamburgYou can count on thatDat wigg notElbdeich RosenweideI dont want thatDat wugg wollElbdeich RosenweideI probably wanted thatDat / de wicked nothing in the muddled seedBremenThat / he / she is no good - to a large extentDatt kummt up swatt!Elbdeich RosenweideThere is a strong thunderstorm coming!Whatever you know, de Lü will vote for it.southern MünsterlandDo what you want, people talk about it.then teachEast Frisia, Krummhörndoing does teaching = one learns by doing itThe best Stürlüe sins on landBremenThe best helmsmen are on landDe Buer knows Swien an'n a gang.Schleswig-HolsteinThe farmer recognizes his pig by the aisle. (at the corridor)You hear and don't give up, mutt wunner think how good you are for a guy!Elbdeich RosenweideWho hears you and does not see you, must think in amazement what a brave man you are!De dowel slid up'n big bullet.BremenThe devil sh ... in a big heap. (When someone who already has a lot still gets a lot or wins a lot.)De Düvel honked the greatest hornHamburgThe devil always shits the biggest pile (When a wealthy man wins or inherits)De Een seggt: "Ick see Di", de Anner seggt: "Dat freit mi", de Een seggt: "ick sup Di to", de Anner seggt: "Dat do", because it was n nice sip sopen, because seggt de Een: "Ick hebb di tosopen" and de Ander seggt: "Hest dropen the right one"Schleswig HolsteinOne: "I see Dic", the other: "I'm happy", one: "I'll drink to you", the other: "Do that", then a schnapps is poured, one: "I drank to you ", the other:" You met the right one ". (Toast: it gets interesting when the saying is said faster and faster.)de Ehr andoonOstfrieslanddo the honorsDe Elw de geitElbdeich RosenweideDrift ice in the ElbeDe Elw de steitElbdeich RosenweideThe Elbe is frozen overDe Elw goes in hem sleevesElbdeich RosenweideThe Elbe goes in shirt sleeves (in a storm it's the white wave crests)De Flaach stretches around.Elbdeich RosenweideA rain shower passes us.De hett von't Ledder dryElbdeich RosenweideBut he pulled from the leather. Means: He spoke "plain text"De hett good chic.District of Rendsburg-EckernfördeHe / she has a few pounds too much. (we speak chic with a long i)De is ok with bloot Mors up de world cameOstfrieslandHe was also born with a bare bum (he's nothing better)But eat from the flesh!Elbdeich RosenweideBut it has become thin!The boys and the Wichter gaon in the School bie de groten Eke.Mönsterland / West FaolenThe boys and girls go to school by the big oak.De Karnmelk with de Mesförke ät.NortmoorEat the buttermilk with the dung fork. Meaning: To do something nonsensical.De Keih kreeg dat birsenWeyhe, BremenThe cows start to run, romp, jump around De Keu crawls dat birsen.Elbdeich RosenweideThe cows suddenly run across the pasture because they have been stung by an insect. de Klock nah vörn dreihen (Summertied)Bremenadvance the clock (daylight saving time)de Klock terrüppels drehn (Wintertied)Bremenset the clock back (winter time)De Köksch and de Katt lifts over watt, de young and de dog mööt teubn please watt kummt.Elbdeich RosenweideThe cook and the cat always have something to eat, the boy and the dog have to wait for something to come.De Minschen will be happy ault un te late kleokGreene / Kreiensen - East Westphalian plattersPeople get old prematurely and smart too lateDe nich wants to dieken mutt wiekenEast Frisia, FrieslandWho does not want to dike has to give wayDe Rau is beter than de KauElbdeich RosenweideThe rest is better than the foodDe sitt bulging up'n endBremenHe or she cannot be moved to get up from the chairDe Storm packs over the reprimandThe storm is raging around the house.De rugs from unnen struckMecklenburg / StrelitzView the potatoes from below (lying in the grave)Dei please seck with tahn rats dör 'n TiunHanover, CalenbergischHe bites his way through the fence with ten rats; for someone who likes to argue and quarrel and always want to have the last wordThe een sien Uul is the annern sien nightingaleWriedel What the owl is to one, the nightingale is to the otherBecause the tinsel is af.Wesermarschthe handsome, decorative is gonedi sikt woll de HobernScheessel / Lower Saxonythe oats sting you / be cockyDo you have Doaler. Koifst Dik ne Kau, datau on calves. Dat Kälbchen has little tail, moakt dille dille Dänzchen.Döhren, between Helmstedt and OebisfeldeHand game with a child. It is stroked over the palm of the hand and then tickled in the hand. -: There you have a thaler. Buy a cow and a calf with it. The calf has a tail. Do kill, kill dance.Do not rent the cap.North Frisiathat is no good - is worthlessDo what you wullt, de Lüh is snacking.Elbdeich RosenweideDo what you want, people are talking.Dor lifts the white egg, real Butenscheun, then holds em de Wurt in one hand.Elbdeich RosenweideThere we have the egg, says Butenschön, the drake (male duck) shoved it into his hand ........!Dor hett een Uul sownVisselhövede / SoltauAn owl was sitting there = bad luck, it was probably nothing.Dor hett en Uul setnElbdeich RosenweideWhen an intended success does not come trueDor kiek dat Schwien ut de annere Luk.District of RendsburgThings look very different there.Dor don't dress.Stuhr-BrinkumDon't bother, you shouldn't care.Dor luur man opBremenJust wait, that won't happenDör de Dör dör, up de Daal daalAmmerland Through the door towards the hallDreih deck times ümme up moine side.Greene / Kreiensen - East Westphalian plattersPut yourself in my shoes.Don't turn around, the plopping sack turns around, if you turn around sickly or laugh, then puckers turned blueBremenCatch game for children in a circleYou are mek so ollen GnerpWolfenbüttel / SalzgitterGnerp = weird type You can do mi mol!BremenYou can me ....... (whatever) port jargon.You olle ZächScheeßel / Lower SaxonyYou old goatEaten, freat supen, slowom choan un pupenEichsfeldNew German: party and chill outEbbeer Ebbeer ester, bring my little sister - Ebbeer Ebbeer, bring my little brother.Elbdeich RosenweideThe little children used to sing this when the stork came in spring Eebn times watt in'n Kropp higgnElbdeich RosenweideEat something in betweenEeiesmol beep in corridor and then peer utn graabn.Upper Drawehn / OstheideFirst plug in a pipe and then solve the problem. No hassle / Think everything calmly / Strength lies in calm / Think first and then actAn out-of-the-way Lüning doesn't start with dumpTecklenburger Land and Osnabrück regionYou don't catch an old (experienced) sparrow with the chaff or, if you apply it to people: "You can't make a wise person believe anything so quickly!"Een Goos is a Scheenen Vagel, för een to little, för twee toveel.Country sausagesA goose is beautiful food, too much for one, too little for two.Een helped StiegDistrict of Oldenburg6 piecesEen Kindken piss laoten.Mönsterland / West FaolenTo have a child baptized.A wink ophangen.Wilstermarsch.A white towel hangs over the hall door as a signal that the meal is ready.Eene will nee anners and because annern can nee anners.Westmünsterland / BocholtOne does not want to be otherwise and the other cannot do otherwise.Eeten, freeten supen, gently gaan un pupen, dat sleit on.Oyten Krs. VerdenEating, drinking and not exercising makes you fat.Eh is a real man the servant offers edn to then Buurn and reaches nat the greatest.Elbdeich RosenweideEgg is egg says the servant while eating to the farmer and chooses the largest one.A fine apple withers away.Greene / Kreiensen - East Westphalian plattersOne bad apple spoils tenAn up de Feute tre'enGreene / Kreiensen - East Westphalian plattersLet someone know; give someone a sharp clueEk sweate win OsseEast of Hildesheim - East Westphalian PlattSweating profusely (I sweat like an ox)Em priggt de HabernElbdeich RosenweideThe oats sting him (silly - left out)A wrinkled apple will not be filled for a long time.Greene / Kreiensen - East Westphalian plattersA wrinkled apple (human) will last a long time.Ers de Näs and then de Brill, because wellt white seehn op't will passn.Elbdeich RosenweideFirst a nose and then a pair of glasses, then we want to see if it fits.Et diu'ert meckGreene / Kreiensen - East Westphalian plattersI am sorryEt düürt eewig un dree daage!Westmünsterland / BocholtProverb in the sense of: It takes a long time!Et will nothing seo means egetten, wu et ekoket will beGreene / Kreiensen - East Westphalian plattersNothing is eaten as hot as it is cookedEten, suupen, puupen, dat mok buten BremenEat, drink, fart, do that outside (sign in Bremen trams)Etn un drinkn hears Liev and Seel tohop!Elbdeich RosenweideEating and drinking keep body and soul together!Fall inne breeElbdeich RosenweideSomeone who doesn't look at their feet. and destroyed a lot in the processPummel furOldenburgDrink after the funeralFat chicks still pecking at Moors.BremenIf you should give something to people who already have everything.Fieffinger is the best boat hookBremenFive fingers are the best boat hookChirpsHamelinThat was probably nothing (Redew.)fleutchen - Dae Voss had a trickle in de need.Döhren, between Helmstedt and Oebisfeldewhistle - the fox whistled into the nut (saying when the nut has a hole and is empty)Foiwe just soin latenGreene / Kreiensen - East Westphalian plattersNot being so specific about something. Let five be straight.Föfftich Hektor bruuk'n keen barn Oog'nLand HadelnFifty hectares (dowry) don't need beautiful eyesFriuslui'e un Heuhner doesn’t sit down, one should lure it.Greene / Kreiensen - East Westphalian plattersWomen and chickens don't let themselves be driven, you have to lure them.Furts no Hus un bats up please.FinkenwerderQuickly home and off to bed.Gau, fur, maak futt.Krummhörn / UplewardHurry up, let your hair blow.Believe in Krug, be wise.Hohnstedt. Leinetal in East FaliaWhen you go to the jug, you get news (you get smart)Lucky saw NeijohrCloppenburgHappy New Year and blessingsGrapping in the headOldenburghave strange thoughtsgroot in de Wöör (essence); he is big in de Wöörnorthern Wesermarschmake (and likely not keep) big promises; he promises a lotHair ick a rake - haa ick rakes.North FrisiaHad I had a rake - I would have leiper kunntHümmling (Emsland district)could have turned out (or been) worseHai (or Sai) warns without red dew.Helmstedt / OebisfeldeHe (or she) lies without blushing.Don't shit the dog, wait for a rabbit to be created! Diepholz district If the dog hadn't shit, it would have gotten the rabbit. Don't shit the dog, wait for a rabbit to be created!OstholsteinIf the dog hadn't done its business, it would have caught a rabbit. Is countered to people whose "would" can no longer be heard.Always have pieces of collars.Emsland Did you ruin everything again?Hey, dör de area.Elbdeich RosenweideHe's racing through the area.He falls with de Döhr inn't HuusElbdeich RosenweideThis refers to people who cannot be silent.He fraacht de Koh datt Kalf afElbdeich RosenweideHe asks the cow about the calf - a very curious personHe frees your shirt before Mors.OstfrieslandHe asks you to remove the shirt from your bum. He is very curiousHe asks dat Kalv from de Koh.WesermarschHe asks insistently.Hey fritt mi de Hoor von'n KoppElbdeich RosenweideHe eats the hair off my head. He is insatiable!Hey häff de Timmerlöö in 'n Dackstohl.Westmünsterland / BocholtIdiom for: He has a hangover (in his head).Hey häff an inside fietse!Westmünsterland / BocholtIdiom for: He is (heavily) drunk!Hey häff wat up'n box.Greven near MunsterHe is smartHe doesn't hang well in the head.Greven near Munster.He's crazy.Hey hett een in de capOstfrieslandHe's got one in his hat (he's drunk)Hey hett een manners.OstfrieslandHe's got one, he's drunk.Hey hett Flöt in'n KoppElbdeich RosenweideHe's got nonsense on his mindHey hett in'n wispelneest pettElbdeich RosenweideHe stepped into a wasp's nest. Somebody said something that he should have kept quiet!He hett sick inne Neddln settElbdeich RosenweideWhen someone has done something very stupidHey hett'n Brußn an'n KoppElbdeich RosenweideHe's got a lump on his headHe is all an 't drink and häff still start to see water!Westmünsterland / BocholtIdiom for fearful rabbits: he is drowning even though he has not yet seen any water!He is flabbergastedElbdeich RosenweideHe is totally surprisedHe is flabbergastedElbdeich RosenweideHe is totally surprisedHe is klook as so'n Immen. He moves the Kattenschiet in'n gloomy ...Cuxhaven, Land HadelnSmart as an Imme (bee). Smells the cat shit in the dark. (Smart ass)He is with the Hochdütsche Foot in the Plattdütsche Schiet pett.Holtsee, Eckernförde districtWhen someone from the city pretends to speak Platt.He is still nörgens' ewest as eighth Moders Pot!Westmünsterland / BocholtHe's never been anywhere but home!He is so stupid as a sweet honest man, de Anten dootpett hebbt.BremenHe's as stupid as my sister's husband, the ducks kicked him to deathHe is so hands-on as a Nettelkönning.Westmünsterland / BocholtHe's as nimble as a wren.He's a quick bunnorthern Schleswig-HolsteinHe's a squeaky guy (literally "quick bunch)He iss buukt.Elbdeich RosenweideHe's got gas.He eat so klook as Roddnkrut.Elbdeich RosenweideHe knows everything better!Hey eat so klook, datt he hears the grass wassnElbdeich RosenweideHe's so smart he can hear the grass growHe eat a BuffbaffElbdeich RosenweideYou can't deal with this person.Hey is a pastor, sä de office, hey verdeent sin money with snacks.WesermarschHe's a pastor, said the farmer, he makes his living talking.He keem mi in de MöötOstfrieslandHe came towards meHey de Katt snaps in the darkOstfrieslandHe pinches the cat in the dark (he's unpredictable)He crumbs like de Snick in tarElbdeich RosenweideHe crawls like a snail in the tar (when someone walks very, very slowly)!He laughs sickly in circlesElbdeich RosenweideHe bends over with laughterHe motbasst sick enen afElbdeich RosenweideWhen someone is out of breath after a heavy jobHe pett as en Pogg in'n Maanschien.WesermarschIt moves noticeably, it looks fun.He piss off.Elbdeich RosenweideHe runs away quickly.Hey sitt upn BodderstockElbdeich RosenweideHe sits on his shouldersHe jumps from a clod up'n anern.WesermarschHe has changing "business ideas" or thriving projections to make more money. (see also Brakelmann & Co.) he looks so bukschBremenhe is stubbornHe stinks as a ÜlkBremenbad smelling person (e.g. of perfume, liquid manure, sweat), he stinks like a polecatHe was so old as een Koh and still teaches there to.BremenHe is as old as a cow and still learns something new (means: you are never too old to learn)He knows em the Vagel up'n Boom.WesermarschHe dominates the conversationHe / se tells em / he the Vagel up'n BoomWesermarschHe / she enforces his / her will.He's driving a korten car.Hanover, CalenbergischHe drives a short car: drives out quickly, gets upset quickly.Hei frett ass en Smett.Southern district of Hildesheim (East Westphalian Platt)He eats like a blacksmith. (He has a great appetite.)Hei het n gnatz ob dek.south of HildesheimAnger / being brushed for a storm.Hei loap thaw a stencil.49577 Eggermühlen / Nördl. Osnabrück regionHe walks around like a tramp / vagabond.Hey supp 'ne IhleLeinetal, southern district of HildesheimHe drinks (drinks) like a leech (leech)Hey un soin öttGreene / Kreiensen - East Westphalian plattersHim and his wife or girlfriendHeini Fidi Fumfei, Fidi cut the Büx two. Mudder sett 'n patches before, Fidi schitt dor woller dör!Ammerland Counting verse in rubber twists or jumping rope Help me up de jumps!Elbdeich RosenweideRefresh forgotten or memoriesHey!Hamburg Term used by the port workers for a loud-mouthed port tour guideMr. Paster: Dörch de Bloom: Do you wipe the pot, or are ick datt doon?LübeckMr. Pastor: Speaking through the flower: Do you want to do the unlawful, or should I do it?Hickop and Snickop de went over the bridge. Hickop full rin - un who keem good gone?Wesermarsch(Puzzle for young children with hiccups)Hock min Pert not Mölln to, anners nix as Hofernstroh - Hofernstroh un Kaff, Kaff, Kaff - lopt min Pert in draff, draff, draff.OstfrieslandPack my horse with oat straw and dump (= grain waste), my horse runs at a trot ... (nursery rhyme like "Hoppe, hoppe rider)Bring me to God, I'll bring me to a mast!BremenHold on to God, I'll hold on to the mastget you fruityCamphold up, stay healthyHolt för de DörDorfmark-Bad Fallingbostel-SoltauWood in front of the doorHopedod levd longHaselünneSomeone hoped dead lives longHunnich smeern around the BoortElbdeich RosenweidePraise someone to get something good from them at the same timeHüt dances Pfieschenmeier. Jewwet se uus to Halvet Schock Eijer. Jewwet se uus de Eijer net, sau lejjet de Hoinder owert Joar nich. Boom in the highest, there hang the long deserts. Jewwet se uus de long, de korten loat se hang. Botter, milk, bacon and cheeseDöhren, between Helmstedt and Oebisfelde(Singing around at Whitsun) Today the Whitsun Meier is dancing. Give us half a shock of eggs. If you don't give us the eggs, the chickens won't lay them for the whole year. The long sausages hang up under the roof (here meant sausages). Give us the long ones. The short ones let you hang. We also take butter, milk, bacon and cheese with us on the way. (From the gifts collected by the confirmands of the village, their mothers made baking or scrambled eggs together and consumed them at the children's dance at Whitsun.)Ick bün derteggen.Westmünsterland / BocholtI'm against it.Ick bün een lütjen König, geefmi nich little, laat mi nich long stahn, because ick mutt still wieter gahn, halli halli hello, so close Bremen to!BremenI'm a little king, don't give me too little, don't let me stand for too long, because I have to go further. (ancient saying of the children when they run Santa Claus to get sweets)I thought, ick haa, ick schull - during the Büx all fullNorth FrisiaI thought, had, should - by then my pants were already full (hesitated too long to go to the toilet if I had diarrhea).Ick mutt mol ut de BüxSteinburg districtI have to go to the bathroomIck six more: "Vadder schlach dat Swien"! but no, hey people from de Heuner Dot perdn!